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Back from Call to Arms 2011 some random pics

Returned from probably my last Warhammer tournament of the year last night – the Karak Eight Peaks themed campaign tournament courtesy of Pete Dunn. Was a fantastic event the final 3-way Battle Royale at the end a definate highlight. My Dwarfs faired pretty well 2 wins and 2 losses in the first 4 games and then 2nd in the last game – where victory could have been mine had the dreaded 13th spell not caught my Hammerers and General giving the Skaven a 1200pt turnaround (455 for unit, 230 for Runelord, 100 for general and 500 bonus VP for killing General as per scenario rules). Up until that point I was a good 2-300VP clear of the Skaven. But thats the way the Dice Gods roll sometimes. [Pictures all pretty large and should expand out] S am's O&G army from our campaign tournament. Full of conversions and all beautifully painted. Won best army in our section. I have around 250 photos to sort through before I can start writing up the battle reports but I will get these up over this week

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Back from Call to Arms 2011 some random pics

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