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The Rumor mill of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy

It happens all the time.  Games Workshop releases a new codex and rumors start spreading about who is next.  From the day the codex hits the shelves, various players talk about the guy they know, or the website they read that says without a doubt what the next army release will be.  Recently, Games Workshop released Blood Angels.  Then, as expected, a few weeks later Games Workshop sent out their normal “Incoming!” email.  However, this one was not so normal.

“Incoming: Daemons!” was sent out in the May 16th newsletter.  Games Workshop is rewriting the Fantasy army book and 40k codex for an August release.  Being a Daemon player myself, I was shocked.  Daemons are fairly current.  Other armies like Dark Eldar, Necrons, Eldar, or even Tau were all considered to get an update first.

Dark Eldar is very out dated.  For a short while, their models were not even readily available on the Games Workshop site, or direct order.  Now, their models have been put back out on the special order list at Games Workshop.  This, of course, started more rumors of their release.

As normal, the buzz started to spread across game stores.  At my local gaming store, Daemon players were suddenly experts who knew exactly what kind of changes will be made to the Codex.  Our league nights for 40k are Monday nights.  Somehow, some of our players knew just outside of 24 hours exactly what Games Workshop was doing before they did.  Comments about ‘Without Number’, fleet, changing squad sizes, point cost, and new models were no longer rumor, but hard fact in our store.  Of course, we all know how this goes.  Games Workshop throws a proverbial wrench in the machine and hits all of us with one amazing rule.  Players complain, some threaten to quit and others just vow not to play against that army.  The rest of the rules are reworded to match up with the newest rule books (changing Killed Instantly to Instant Death, for example).

One such example is the Jaws of the World Wolf.  I played Space Wolves at their release.  This rule is amazing.  Removing any model from play just because it failed its initiative?  Amazing!  Did you want your Daemon Prince?  How about your Squadron of Eldar War Walkers?  Is your Avatar ok?

Another amazing rule was the Doom of Malentai.  You get more wounds by dealing wounds?  Is this guy really this awesome?  Absolutely.  How about spawning gaunts as much as you want, provided you don’t roll any doubles.

But of course, who can forget the flying Dreadnought that Blood Angels brought us.  I have played or teamed up with every one of these new armies recently released.  The best part is watching the faces of your opponents as their models just vanish, or their massive unit sees a dreadnought land behind it, ready to assault.

What will be the new rule this time for Daemons?  Epidemius already makes Nurgle awesome.  Is it possible that some form of troop will get without number?  Do the Daemons even need a re-write?  It is highly possible that the 40K codex just needs a re-word to catch up to the language of 5th edition rules.  However, the fantasy army will probably need to catch up.  I have heard rumors that 8th edition fantasy will change a good portion of its rules for regiments.  Is it possible that the rules that Games Workshop is changing for fantasy are so extreme that they break Daemons?  Could this be the reason for the shocking release?  Is this just Games Workshop’s way of finally releasing the Daemon Prince models they promised when the last codex released?  How many new models will they bring us?  Or, what models will we lose?

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11 Comments for “The Rumor mill of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy”

  1. There's no new Daemon codex coming out. The “Incoming!” newsletter was just about some new models. Which are all visible by now. Nothing's being lost; we don't know yet what the new codices or army books are going to be; most of us are over all the “Space Wolves/Tyranids/Blood Angels are overpowered” whining. Why did you write this?

  2. Interesting. The incoming release anouncment doesn't mention a new codex, just new models. It's possible we will see models without a codex release. They have also moved witch hunter and demon hunter to special order. And romour has it we will see a PDF codex. It could be the demons will also get the pdf codex and some new models treatment.

  3. I think Morinder is trying to spark a discourse regarding what we will next see as the huge “Game Changer.” whether accurate or not the unit rules he mentions were interpreted as being a huge strategy change for the game. I agree that Demons are not likely getting a new codex and the Nids/wolves/angels aren't considered over powered, but I also think he has a valid point in wondering what Demon related rules release might cause that self same game quake feeling. And more over what such releases will seem similarly impactful in impending releases be they Deamons, Dark Eldar, or Deamon Hunters.

  4. the bearded one

    While a good read, there is no Daemon codex incoming, it is simply a second wave of daemon models, just like orcs & goblins a few weeks ago.

  5. I agree with Fernando. This article was premature and, frankly, a little pointless.

  6. Not a rumour, they're up on some of Game Workshops other languages where the DH codex would be. Interesting note: DHs have the updated assault cannon, and I believe, storm shield, in the FRENCH codex.

  7. as an aside, there is nothing about fantasy in this article. please change the title.


  8. my take on what i read in the incoming! was that they are not changing the rules but they are releasing new models. if anyone can confirm where GW said they are re making the codex/ FB book i'd like to see a link. i re-read the email and it said there will be a 'flood of new models'.

  9. The never said they were remaking the codex. the author infered as many did that with the release of 8th edition WFB and the release of new models there would be a new codex. this is wrong as we now know from the release of the new models for pre-order.

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