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How to Make a Gaming Table

This is a tutorial for how to creating your own table. It really is fast and cheap to build.It isn’t heavy as most wood built tables you normally see. This is am example for creating a plain battlefield due to a large collection of terrain not based here. The board will be black / grey and it the adequate scenery pieces can easily shift from lava rivers, to city fight or even ash wasteland.

For most detailed images just ask for them.

First of all the materials needed (some of them are optional, but they make life easier and I might not know all the names for the equipment needed, in those cases I will use a translator; anyway they will appear in the images so it is really easy to see what i am talking about) :

  • Polystyrene: 3x 4′x2′ around 1.5″ thick
  • Wood: Some parts are longer, around 1′ long, the square ones are about 6″
  • Screwdriver: normal and electric (the lat is optional)
  • Screws around 1″ or a bit longer´╗┐

On to optional:
X-acto knife (around here it might be known as uttility knife but even a kitchen knife cuts this)
Hammer and Big nail to open small holes for preventing the screws sliding)
Wall fixing putty ( don’t know exact name but comes in the white/ blue jar in the next pic)

silicone (with red/ black gun)
Foam cutter (green thing on bottom image with wires attached

( This picture shows the table after filled, but more on that later, You can see the unassembled X-acto knife with the blade at its side)

On to actual building the table.

Pick one of the big polystyrene parts and onto the wider side place some of the wood; half supported in other polystyrene piece.

Then just start screwing like a madman. Take it slowly and very slow when you reach the polystyrene. You might use your hammer and a nail to create a small starting hole preventing the screw from slipping away. You can see the look of the thing when everything is screwed on the third image with material.

Due to hammering this photograph isn’t good but i am hammering the old nail

Cut the edges as they might crack, use the X-Acto knife or foam cutter.

The edge that will be cut is the preeminent part

You may put silicone on the screws and the wood at any part that will touch the polystyrene. I didn’t. But I regret it and on any next table I build, I will definitively do it.

Flip the whole thing. There are noticeable cracks everywhere. I didn’t picture them and when I remembered it was too late.

Apply the wall fixing putty on the junction of the polystyrene. With the blade from the X- Acto smooth it out. As with green stuff, keep tools wet. After putty applied (it could have been smother but it will get full of pva glue and sand so i dind’t worry too much) :

This will be updated, computer crashed and i lost part of the work ( the table is covered in sand which will be painted in black, probably using textured paint and drybrushed grey over that)

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