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Campaignhammer – Running a Long-Term Campaign

For some years now, myself and my gaming compadres have been trying to put together a system for running a decent warhammer campaign. We’ve had some successes, with mini campaigns run over a long weekends and some attempts at designing our own system. But the holy grail of campaign gaming eluded us, the long-term narrative campaign. Recently, it seems as if we have cracked this particularly hard gaming nut. The problems ranged against you doing this are manifold. Coordinating player’s games and orders, people living in various parts of the country and thus the problem meeting for games, life in general and campaign fade out syndrome, to name a few. Using a modified version of the original mighty empires rules plus various extra rules from old White Dwarf articles, we’ve set up a campaign running among nine players with a dedicated non-player gm. We’ve set up a blog for all map updates, fluff and general campaign news, as well as a dedicated email group.

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Campaignhammer – Running a Long-Term Campaign

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