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Jolly Toys Outing Tournament Report

Matt and I have been down to Warhammer World this weekend for the Jolly Toys Outing tournament which is a 2K “Nova” style event with each game having three different missions. Win on the primary goal and get maximum points, then a descending scale of points for victory on secondary, tertiary or finally VPs. As you might know, I took Tau to this event in order to motivate myself to paint another army and for a change of pace from Space Wolves. My overall aim for the weekend was to at least win a game. This might seem minor but remember I’m playing Tau here! After that the organisers were giving prizes for the best general from each codex. This pitted me against two other Tau lists so I was in with a decent shot of a trophy! Game 1 – Tau vs Imperial Guard My opponent, Kelly, had a whopping 16 hulls (give or take) for me to deal with. Plenty of chimeras, 5 leman russ, a basilisk and a couple of other bits and pieces. Seeing as mech is my ideal opponent I felt pretty confident. We were playing Dawn of War and KPs with a 3 point KP margin being the primary victory requirement. Neither of us deployed anything so we rolled on in turn 1

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Jolly Toys Outing Tournament Report

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