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Generating more traffic to your blog

I got a e-mail recently asking how I made I.D successful. I thought I would share the below e-mail with fellow bloggers, I’d also added in a few things since the e-mail to ;). On a further note, I’ll be making this a sticky post for sometime and will have a direct link to this post some where easily accessible on the site. Blogging, it’s a tough old game I am not going to lie, having running a blog takes time, effort and patience. It will take time to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, but in time, with effort, you will get there. Keep that in mind and solider on, then you will get some where. Name in neon lights Before you start pimping your name out, you want a spiffing looking blog. Not only do you want people to come to your blog, but you want to give them another reason to stay besides the excellent content.

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Generating more traffic to your blog

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