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    Create you own Character

    Always wanted to make your own 40k character? Well here you go! Just post them here for us to see!

    Please Include special rules or special wargear

    Here's Mine:

    Temion, Grand Master Chaplain

    pts 300


    WS BS S T W I Ld Sv

    Wargear:Hammer of the Covenant,
    Master-Crafted Plasma Pistol, Artificer Armour,
    Rosarius, Adamantine Mantle, Jump Pack

    Special Rules:Litanies of Hate, Inspiring Presence

    Inspiring Presence:All units with a model within 6" of Temion are Fearless. And all within 12" are allowed to re-roll failed morale and leadership tests.(Not psychic tests)

    Hammer of the Covenant: The Hammer of the Covenant is a master-crafted Crozius Arcanum that never needs worse than a 4+ to wound regardless of toughness.

    You may use Temion only in games of at least 2000 points

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    King of France techmarine Rannon Zriker's Avatar
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    The emperor of mankind 10000pts

    every stat is 10! and save is 1+ with a 2+ invul save!

    he has feel no pain, furious charge, infiltrate, scout, true grit and every other Special rule!

    equipment: the emperors blade, holy armour, bolter, jump pack, frags and unstoppable psychic power

    The emperors blade: a force weapon that can reroll failed to hit and to wound rolls, that rends and rolls 2d6 for armour pen!

    holy armour: an armour that totally breaks the rules and offers a 1+ armour save and a 2+ invul save

    Unstoppable psychic power: a psychic power that needs no psychic roll, and instantly hits every single enemy model with 5 AP1 S10 attacks that reroll failed tohit and to wound!
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    Inquisitor Lord Solexus (yeah, I know, but it's what I named my Inquisitor)


    Equipment: Psycannon, artificer armor, refractor field
    Psychic Powers: Light of the Emperor, Word of the Emperor

    Special Rules:
    - Psyker
    - Iron Will (as in Codex: Daemonhunters, may choose to pass or fail any Morale test or Leadership check, grants this ability to any unit he joins)
    - Inquisitorial Retinue of 0-3 models; Inquisitor Solexus has been isolated from the Imperium for several years and as his Servitors and followers have fallen in combat, he has grown accustomed to leading a recently founded Imperial Guard regiment raised from the planet Caloran II, where he and his forces were stranded while examining a nearby Warp anomaly.
    - Leader of Men: A Daemonhunters army including Inquisitor Lord Solexus may not include Allied Space Marines. Inducted Imperial Guard in Solexus' army may select a single Doctrine from either the Skills and Drills or Special Equipment sections.
    - Word of the Emperor: as in Codex: Daemonhunters, forces enemies to make a Leadership check before assaulting Solexus or the squad he has joined.
    - Light of the Emperor: Inquisitor Lord Solexus can call upon the Astronomican's light to guide his allies' weapons to their targets. In the Shooting phase, make a Psychic test. If successful, Solexus and the unit he accompanies may re-roll failed to-hit dice in that Shooting phase. They also double their sight distance for the purposes of the Night Fighting scenario special rule, and count as having a lit Searchlight in the opponent's next turn.
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    Member Toonces's Avatar
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    The Emperor of Mankind (1 point)

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv

    Golden Throne: The Emperor is kept alive by an elaborate life support system and cannot move, shoot, or charge into close combat. If attacked in close combat, all attacks automatically hit.

    The Endless Sacrifice: Each round, a friendly psyker (not counting the Emperor of Mankind) must be sacrificed to sate the life support of the dying patriarch. At the start of your turn, nominate one friendly psyker to be offered up as tribute - that model is immediately destroyed regardless of wounds remaining or saves. If that model was the last standing in a close combat, the enemy may make a Massacre! consolidation move. If there are no friendly psykers on the board, the Emperor is killed at the beginning of your turn.

    Icon of Zeal: If the Emperor is killed, all of your units must immediately take a morale test or fall back. From that point on, all of your units have the Preferred Enemy (whomenver you're fighting) until the end of the game.

    Revered Puppet: In Take and Hold-style missions, the Emperor of Manking is worth 500 Victory Points if he is holding (within 12" of) a mission objective.

    Font of Bureaucracy: Every time there is a dispute in the rules between you and your opponent and you need to settle it with a die roll, you add +2 to your roll. If your complains that this particular special rule is 'broken' and wants to dispute it, you have a +3 to that roll. If your opponent attempts to get all 'meta' and talks about how that rolling-a-rule-about-the-existence-of-a-roll-modifier is broken, and you need to settle THAT with a die roll, you get +4 to that roll. Subsequently, any attempt to mention how a particular roll modifier is nonsense receives a further +1 in a roll to win said argument. If your opponent complains that this rule is dumb, tell them that space is a cold harsh plays where wimps suck flaming plasma death.

    Do not look behind the curtain!: If an enemy unit gets within 6" of the Emperor of Mankind, that unit gains a +1 Ld as it realizes that the revered "Ubermench" of the human swarm is, in fact, a comatose vegitable kept alive by human sacrifice to justify the religious warfare state engineered by self-righteous church officials.

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    Senior Member Shaabhekh's Avatar
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    jst sumthing i made for my Lunar Hawks chapter

    Chapter Champion – Brother Ajax: When a Space Marine shows exceptional martial prowess and combat skill beyond those even for a space marine, he will be chosen to be the chapter’s champion. Brother Ajax has been the chapter champion for 2 and a half centuries and hails from 3rd company. Chosen by Commander Orion for his blade wielding expertise, Ajax is the longest living Champion to date, and has slain many great and vile foes with The ‘Emerald’. Covered in scars from a multitude of battles and duels, Ajax is as zealous as they come, slaying all in the Emperors name. He is a master of combat and can wield any blade with perfection. Only one Chapter Champion exists at any given time.

    Pts/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    145 5 5 4(5) 4 2 5 4 9 2+/4+

    Special Character: Brother Ajax is a Special Character and may be taken in a Lunar Hawks army of any points cost, counting as an HQ choice. There must be an HQ choice already in the army for Ajax to be taken. Ajax may not be the army’s commander.

    Equipment: The ‘Emerald’, Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armour, Iron Halo, Frag and Krak Grenades, Terminator Honours (bonus included above), Teleport Homer.

    Special Rules:
    Independent Character: Brother Ajax is an Independent character. Ajax may not be accompanied by or attached to space marine squads.

    Champion of the Chapter: Ajax uses a Space Marine Reclusiarch’s profile. The Rosarius counts as an Iron Halo and the Crozius Arcanum counts as the ‘Emerald’. He also gains the following rules:
    • Honour of the Chapter: As Space Marine Chaplains in Codex: Space Marines (pg 2
    • Litanies of Hate: As Space Marine Chaplains in Codex: Space Marines (pg 2

    The Emerald: The ‘Emerald’ is an ancient artefact dating back many centuries, believed by some, to have been acquired and wielded by the first Chapter Master of the Lunar Hawks. It is believed to have been created from an extremely rare green crystal and many Tech adepts have failed to recreate the ancient weapon. In battle it counts as a Master Crafted Power Weapon with the following options:
    1. May be wielded as a single handed weapon, leaving the other hand free to use other weaponry. (eg: can gain the extra attack for 2 hand weapons)
    2. May be wielded as a double handed weapon, increasing the holder’s strength by one (1). If used in this way, the champion may not use other weaponry in his other hand during combat. (eg: cannot gain an extra attack for 2 hand weapons)
    Note: The owning player must decide which option he/she will use at the beginning of each of their assault turns and cannot change until the players next assault turn. (Eg: in turn 2’s assault phase, the Champion chooses option 2 and cannot swap options until turn 3’s assault phase)
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    a slightly older post i know but looks like fun.

    Brother Roin leader of the tyrannic war veterans . (250pts)
    equipment and weapons: master-crafted plasma pistol, combi-melta, tyranid's bane, artificer Armour, frags, meltas and kraks, tyranid war trophies, medallion of faith. has furious charge, counter charge and infiltrate UVSRs and has preferred enemy against tyranids.

    special rules- tyranid's bane: counts as master-crafted power weapon, adds +2(bonus included) to the uses strength, nullifies all tyranid psychic powers used on Roin or any squad he has join, re-rolls all failed wounds and hits when fighting tyranids gets +D3 attacks in combat

    Tyranid war trophies: adds +2 to wears LD (bonus included) and + 1 to all units with 1 model within 12" of the wearer. once per battle the trophies can be shown to add +1 to all stats of the wearer and any unit with a model within 6" of the wearer.

    Medallion of faith: incorporates a force field giving the wearer a 3+ invulnerable save, adds +1 to Initiative and WS(bonus included in profile)

    Retinue: can have retinue of between 5-10 tyrannic war veterans if he choses the retinue they may all receive tyrannic war trophies and medallions of faith at +15pts each. they receive the same UVSRs as Roin also have the preferred enemy rule against tyranids.

    Roin and his squad may be equipped with jump packs for an additional 15pts per model.

    stats pts WS BS S T W I A LD SV
    210 5(6) 5 5(7) 5 4 5(6) 4+D3 8(10) 2+/3+

    kind of cheesy but who cares.
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