I used an entirely Last Chancer force that was 500 points. 20 men, 500 points. I got the crap kicked out of me. Let me just say that Last Chancers are over-priced. 11 points for a slightly improved Guardsman? And you have to add another 5 points to add gear? I had 31 point men that were falling to Bolter fire, just as 6 point men would. There is definetly a problem with that page of the Codex...

Anyways, I still like the idea of taking Schaefer and Kage and some criminals that can Deep Strike, so I haven't given up on the army yet. Yes, Last Chancers are expensive, so I decided that if I used just regular ones with no gear, they are pretty good. So here goes...

Regimental Doctrines: Grenadiers.

Last Chancers (occupying one HQ and one Troop choice on the Force Orginization Chart):

-Sub Unit One: Colonel Scheffer, Lieutenant Kage, 5 Last Chancers with Laspistols and Close Combat Weapons. (166)

-Sub Unit Two: Last Chancer Specialist with Demolition Charge and Carapace Armor. (31)


-Stormtrooper Squad: 7 Stormtroopers, led by Veteran Sergeant. Deep Striking, Melta Bombs. 1 with Plasma Gun, 1 with Grenade Launcher. Veteran Sergeant: Honorifica Imperialis, Power Weapon, Bionics. (164)


-Grenadier Squad. 5 Stormtroopers. 2 with Plasma Guns. (70)

-Grenadier Squad. 5 Stormtroopers. 2 with Meltaguns. (70)

501 Total.


I have devised a highly mobile force with half the army Deep Striking (if the mission permits, otherwise they will take cover or something.)

I gave the Stormtrooper Sergeant an Honorifica Imperialis to make him into an unexpected assault threat. He and his squad can also bust a vehicle or two with their Melta Bombs. I have given him Bionics, as they are extremely usefull: in the game I lost, Schaeffer was killed by a Tau Commander in Assault. Schaeffer's Bionics kept him in assault with the Commander, preventing him from being removed from the table. The Tau Commander was unable to fire next turn, as he was still in assault. My opponent was annoyed.

The second Sub Unit is pretty simple. Deep Strike and chuck the Bomb. He's alone because if the Bomb scatters back at him, he'll be my only loss. He has Carapace Armor because I had five points left over.

I think I've thrown together a pretty good list here. A little wordy on explanations, though. Tell me what you all think.