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    i'm just starting out with DH and I currently have 5 terminators.

    Grand Master- Master-Crafted NFW, Icon of the Just, & psycannon bolts
    7 Terminators- 1 Incinerator

    Inquisitor- Power armor, targeter and psycannon
    2 gun servitors- 2 Heavy bolters
    2 sages
    2 acolytes- Power armor

    Callidus Assassin

    Junior officer
    4 guardsmen- Lascannon
    9 guardsmen & 1 sergeant- Missile Launcher
    9 guardsmen & 1 sergeant- Missile Launcher

    Veteran- Teleporter homer
    4 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers

    5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers

    Fast Attack
    9x Grey Knights

    Heavy Support
    Land Raider Crusader- Psycannon bolts and dozer blade


    the strom troopers are just there to fill in the required troops slots.

    I have also have a DH related question. does the grandmaster's NFW count as a power weapon AND force weapon or do you have to use one or the other.

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    The GM's NFW works like a power weapon with optional role for the instant kill.

    The biggest problem with this list that I can see is that you're giving yourself even less troops than the already-scarce usual DH army. The IST's will be useless in the size they're at (and on foot, the Teleport Homer won't do much good for you). The Inquisitor and Guard are all heavy weapons, so won't be advancing much. The Callidus, while great, won't last forever. That leaves you with one squad of GK and one squad of Termies, both of which could easily be lost to the warp on arrival.

    Cut down the Termie squad size, drop the Callidus, and drop some of the shiny extras you've got. Put the IST's in a transport, with special weapons and more models for them to be effective. And take either more GK (FA or Troop) or another IG Platoon.

    This list would probably do pretty decent against a mechanized foe, but large armies that can absorb individual loses (IG/Nids/Orks) would probably tear you apart.

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