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    This is my daemon hunters army.
    HQ-Inquisitor LOrd wth daemon hammer, icon of the just, artificer armour and destroy daemon pshycic power and bolt pistol.
    Retinue-2 familiars, 1 weapons servitor with multi melta, 1 acolyte withpower armour and 1 sage.
    ELITES-1 brother captain termi with nfw and melta-bombs,3 termies with nfw, 1 termi with incinerator. Whole squad has holocaust.
    2 death cult assassins.
    TROOPS-1 justicar with melta-bombs,3 grey knights with nfw, 1 grey knight with incinerator.
    1 justicar with melta bombs, 3 grey knights with nfw and 1 grey knight with incinerator.
    FAST ATTACK-1 justicar with melta bombs, 3 grey knights with nfw and 1 grey knight with incinerator.
    HEAVY SUPPORT-1 dread with twin linked lascannons and missle launcher and smoke launchers.(Do you need a gm to field a dread - in the codex it says yes but on the pure gk pics it has a dread without a gm in the army)
    P.S. im new to daemon hunters so please state if i have not obeyed any rules )

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    ok, first..rules errors...Brother-Captain cant have Meltabombs bc he is in Terminator armor, and only items with a star can be used by guys in termie armor.
    second, when you buy holocaust for a squad of termies, it only give it to the brother-captain, as he is the focal point for their powers as a group....and yes you can field a Dreadnought anytime as a Heavy choice..

    ok, now to the TACTICAL ERRORS.....I have been playing DH for a while now, and this is what I have noticed (I havnt lost a match yet....)

    1) MOBILITY...you need some of it BADLY...vs Tau and Eldar, you are going to have quite a rough game, my suggestion....Get rid of the elite brother-captain/termie unit, upgrade to a GM and termies, that way you can have HOLOCAUST twice.....once for the GM, and once for the Termies...and loose the Dreadnought, swap it for a Land Raider as a Heavu Choice, to put the GM/Termies in...and you have MOBILITY...

    2) if a unit of GK is walking into battle, give them psycannons, or nothing at all...incinerators are useless unless you are deep-striking....

    3) you need some kind of fire support, and you Inquisitor is one of the best possible places to find it....make him a Inquisitor Lord, give him a psycanno, a few Gun Servitors, one with plasma, and another with a heavy bolter if you can afford it. round this out by giving him a few Acolytes to soak up some damage, and a few sages for a re-roll, and youre lookin good...and if you can find the points for it, put him in a CHIMERA for added mobility and quick reaction time

    this is what I got, good luck
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