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    umm i posted this and it disapeared O_o

    Army made for fluff

    Sacer Angela 395 pts

    Iron Halo
    Master Crafted Force Sword
    Artificers armor
    Terminator honors
    Angelic Fist
    Phycic hood


    Vetus Belligerator (Dreadnought) 105 pts
    Close Combat WEapon
    Twin linked HEavy bolter

    Troops 350 pts

    2x 10 man Sacer Belligerators ( same as tatic squad
    2x missle launchers
    2x vs

    Heavy saport 170 pts

    Sacer Obitus Belligerators ( devistator squad)

    4x misle launchers
    1x vs

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    is the angelic fist a normal power fist or something different, looks ok except for your super expensive librarianish dude, who it also seems is the only assaulty force in the army
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    OK mate here we go:
    First off your army is unbalanced, you have spent more on your HQ than you have on troops, the points spent on troops should be approaching 50% of your total, I would suggest you get more

    as for your HQ,
    as the previous poster I assume angelic fist is a power fist? are you using this or the force sword? take one or the other and replace the other with a CCw or bolt pistol - this will keep your extra attacks and save you points
    You dont need the Articifer armour unless this guys is gonna wonder round on his own and even then it is probably academic, if hew is with a squad, the only time he will need to make a save is when he is in close combat with something nasty, in which case you will probably be using the iron halo anyway.
    The same is probably true of the master craft on the force sword - with his WS he will probably not need it, you can use the points better elsewhere

    Dread - needs extra armour, desperatley. Also why the Heavy botler? you facing guard/eldar? fine, otherwise take something like a plasma cannon or a las cannon, would also be tempted by ML arm

    OK but pretty bland
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