135 pts. Deathwing Grandmaster Lucifer- Terminator armour, M.C. Pair of Ligtning Claws

146 pts. Interogator Chaplain Bareus- Plasma Pistol, M.C. Crozius, Rosarius, Frag grenades, melta bombs, Artificer armour

260 pts. Deathwing Terminator Squad Ironclaw- 5 Terminators- 3 Stormbolter/Powerfists, 1 Stormbolter/Powerweapon, 1 Assault Cannon/Chainfist

130 pts. Dreadnought Veyavictus- T.L. Lascannon, DCCW, Stormbolter, Extra Armor

172 pts. Tactical Squad Stybone- 7 Marines- 5 bolters, 1Heavy Bolter, 1 Bolt Pistol/CCW, frag grenades, Rhino, Extra armour

131 pts. Scout Squad Venasus- 7 Scouts- 5 bolt pistol/ccw, 1 shotgun, 1 heavy bolter, frag grenades

155 pts. Ravenwing bike squad Ganymede- 3 Bikers- 3 T.L. bolters, Vet srgt with M.C. Power Weapon and melta bombs

55 pts. Ravenwing attack bike- T.L. bolter P.M. Heavy bolter

95 pts. Ravenwing land speeder- Multimelta, Assault Cannnon

185 pts. Devastator squad Hellfire- 5 Marines- 1 bolter, 2 missle launcher, 2 plasma cannon

265 pts. Land Raider Victorius Might- T.L. heavy bolter, 2 T.L. Lascannons, extra armour, P.M. stormbolter

265 pts. Land Raider Crusader Purifier- T.L. Assault Cannon, 2 Hurricane bolters, multimelta, extra armour P.M. Stormbolter

Total 1994 pts.
Any criticism is good