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    I have been saving up my money for a while now with the intention of building an Iron Warriors army (did not do it unit by unit b/c i can get a good discount if i buy it all at once/in bulk) anyway i am somewhat limited in the money department so I have been trying to build a good 1500 point list (I do have the codex) and only buy what i need to have an army I like. (I can add on later when i become independantly wealthy). So here is the list:

    HQ: Chaos Sorcerer: MCU, Bionics, Dark Blade, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, melta bombs, Daemonic Strength, Wind of Chaos (I gave him Daemonic Strength so that combined with DB and FC he could instakill on charge turn. I am not sure if making him a sorcerer is worth it but the idea of having 3 flame templates, one that ignores armor saves seems kinda groovy.) :142 pts

    2x Obliterators: 140 pts
    2x Obliterators: 140 pts

    7x CSM: MCU, Furious Charge, 5x CCW/BP 2x Flamers / 1x Aspiring Champ. PF, BP / Rhino EA, SL
    (They join with the Sorcerer) :239 pts

    6x CSM: MCU 4x Bolters 1x Missile Launcher, 1x Melta: 110 pts

    6x CSM: MCU 4x Bolters 1x Autocannon, 1x Melta: 110 pts

    6x CSM: MKU 4x Bolters 1x Autocannon, 1x Melta: 110 pts

    (i really like the Chaos autocannon mod and they seem like they should be rather useful in a variety of roles)

    Heavy Support:

    6x Havocs:MCU,Tank Hunters, 4x Bolters,2x Las Cannons: 178 pts

    Basilisk w/ Indirect Fire: 125 pts

    Chaos Pred: Turret LC, SS LC, Mutated Hull: 175 pts

    Total: 1469

    I have 31 points to spare so what, along with the rest of you fellows wisdom would you suggest I do with these points? I wanted to have a strong shooty army with a CC backup punch.

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    Overall, good list. I'd personally swap the Havocs' lascannons for 4 missile launchers, maybe drop an Obliterator and use all three elites choices for a single Obliterator each, then use the remaining points to get some more models for the three shooty squads.
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    I like Missile launchers with Tank Hunter instead 0f lascann0ns. Same Strength, c0mes t0 ab0ut the same p0int c0st, and can thr0w Frag Missiles d0wn t00.
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