OK im brand new to space wolves and I am only working from chaos knowledge to what is a good list. Feel free to make comments...

Wolf Priest = 120pts
Runic charm, master crafted power weapon, melta-bombs
Venerable Dreadnought = 160pts
Assault cannon, heavy flamer, extra armour,
10 Blood claws = 164pts
2 power fists
Rhino = 58pts
Smoke Launchers, extra armour
9 Blood claws = 138pts
1 power fist
Rhino = 58pts
Smoke launchers, extra armour
6 Grey hunters = 102pts
bolters and ccw
Razorback = 98pts
Twin-linked Lascannon, extra armour, Smoke launchers
6 Scouts = 108pts
melta bombs, power weapon
= 1006pts

Thanks DI