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    Where to go from here

    I am lost and confused as to what army I really want to play. When I originally started playing 40k, I picked Grey Knights as my army almost purely from the standpoint of how much I loved the models. I wanted a small elite force, they looked awesome, they sounded awesome. After numerous horrific slaughters later, I realized that was probably the least forgiving army a beginner could have picked.

    From reading articles it seemed like properly mixing the units (not just knights, but assassins, inquisitor, etc) would help, and it did.

    Later on, I read some of the inquisition novels (the Inquisition War Trilogy, Eisenhorn, starting on Ravenor), and I became much more attatched to my inquisitor. I decided to play radical for a while , and it was fun. My lists actually seemed more effective without the GKs, without hosts either. But it always seemed that it was one of those cases of "You'd be better off just playing SM or Guard and allying to it." There were no real Fast Attack or Heavy Support choices for a radical, so you had to take allies or be allies. While I liked my HQ, elites, and even the ISTs, the mystic feel of the knights was gone and I had no FA or HQ, and I didn't want to play IG or SMs (EVERYONE here plays SM or CSM).

    Finally, I tried allying SOBs to my list. It seemed to work pretty well with WH as the parent list, with a unit or two of seraphim "counts as" troops, a cannoness, and exorcists (I had a real tank for once!). They played effectively, they didn't die as easily as my other troops. I really enjoyed the Faith mechanics, they were something more tangible on a mystic level; one of the reasons I picked the GKs was their mystical feel and special rules.

    However, on sisters, I am told almost universally to leave my inquisitor, ISTs, assassins etc at home and make it a pure sisters list. Further, all of the sisters were heavily converted

    At this point, I really don't know what to do. I want my army to be decently competitive (I'm a naturally competitive person), but I don't want to leave out all the troops I love (inquisitor, assassins, even IST).

    So, based on what you've heard, what direction do you guys think I should take my army?

    Current models:

    • Inquisitor + 3 plasma gun warriors, 2 sages, chirugeon, mystic, too many familiars to count.
    • 2 daemonhosts
    • All 4 assassins
    • 4 Death Cult Assassins
    • 20 ISTs, w/2 grenade launchers, 1 plasma gun, 2 meltaguns.
    • 1 chimera
    Grey Knights
    • Brother Captain/Grand Master
    • 4 Grey Knight Termies w/modular psycannon/incinerator
    • 10 Grey Knights, 2 Justicars (2 incinerators, 2 psycannons)
    • 1 Grey Knight Dread (permanently borrowed from current roommate)
    Sisters of Battle
    • 1 Cannoness (heavily converted)
    • 10 seraphim, 2 sister superiors (2 inferno pistols 2 hand flamers (all heavily converted)
    • 1 Priest w/Eviscerator
    • 4 Arco Flagellants
    • 3 Pentinent Engines (got them for free so...I can't complain)
    • 2 Exorcists

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    One of the main dilemmas of the Inquisition player is that alot of their codex choices tend to be very underpowered. Inquisitors are one of these. Of many of the characters available in the 40k universe, Inquisitors are the least powerful. Including IG commanders (they provide their leadership around the board)

    So, one of the many ways that people have played =][= is through pure forces of the Ordos Militant. The reason why many go with Sisters of Battle is that they have those acts of faith. While not game breaking, they really can affect how the unit does with extra survivability and whatnot. It really buffs them up.

    Grey Knights are much more difficult because their focus is much more narrow. They don't have access to the mobility and firepower that the Adepta Sororitas or other armies have. Its just that simple. It does take a sure hand to properly win with a pure grey knight force.

    It is fairly difficult to make a mixed list with =][= units because of the the really low strength of the units. However, looking at some of the tacticas available on the forums may be of help.

    Here is how I'd setup my ideal =][= force:

    WH parent list with DH allies

    HQ: Include either St. Celestine, or a Jump Canoness. With their blessed weapons, they really cut through basic troops with ease, and are difficult to take down. You could take a GKHero, but they get expensive.

    Take a basic Inqusitor and load up on Warrior Servitors. 2 Heavy Bolters and a plasma cannon. This makes for a powerful shooty base that can take out light armour units with relative ease. Don't forget to include a Chirurgeon to reduce wounds.

    Grey Knight Terminators. These provide some real extra CC punch that is often lacking in an inquisition list. They're high Strength, armour, and initiative really help bolster their powerful weapons and tear up elite units.

    Assassin or Arco Flagellants: Some of the Assassins make great disruption units and can really hurt some small elite units that can't handle a dedicated CC unit. Arcos and also do the same, but they require a finesse that some find hard to handle.


    At least two units of Sisters in Rhinos. They make excellent large unit decimators. With the flamers, rapid fire bolters, and faith, they can really tear large units that lead the enemy army. The mobility of the Rhinos also allow the Sisters to be where they need to be.

    Some stormtroopers, preferably with a Chimera. These guys have access to the Plasma that can really put a hurt on MEQ units. With a Rhino or Chimaera, they can get the mobility to hit the right units. Chimaeras are for some extra shooty weapons that can take down some light armour units.

    Last, you could add some more Grey Knights here, for some extra CC punch, but really, you'd want to add more Sisters or Storm Troopers, as the Grey Knights get expensive fast.

    Fast Attack:
    Seraphim. Seraphim, Seraphim, Seraphim. They are a fantastic unit. They make great tie up units and with two CC weapons, they aren't bad in a scrap either. Given flamers, they can take on infantry and burn them to death, or with Inferno Pistols, they can move to take tanks on with ease. A very versatile unit that should be included in any =][= army.

    Ideally, I'd take three units of Seraphim, but, Dominions also make a good choice. They have a mandatory Transport rule, but with the option to take 4 flamers, that isn't a great deal. They can really make mince meat of large units that are weak to fire or faith.

    Heavy Support:
    Real simple here. The Exorcist is really what you want for your Heavy Support Choices Excellent tank hunters and they provide the long range support that is very lacking in most inquisition forces. It really is a no brainer.

    You could take some Retributors or a Purgation squad here. They are pretty good for some shooty support, but still are overshadowed by the Exorcists here.

    I understand that there is a large amount of Sisters units here, but that's just how it is. Sisters of Battle are far more versatile than the Grey Knights in most situations. This shouldn't, however, turn you away from taking more Grey Knights in the list.

    I think a decent army could be made from this list of units at any point level, but choosing the right ones can be difficult. Inquisition forces can't be picked without careful thought and planning. They must support each other as the battle goes on.

    Happy Hunting,

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