I'm new to the game, but I love the forgeworld tyrant kit. If I could snag an 1850 point army for about $200 bucks, I don't think it would be prohibitively expensive. The rest of my army would consist of:

1 additional hive tyrant (modeled with wings)
2 Lictors
2 Raveners
1 Red Terror
1 Carnifex
1 Old One Eye
3 Zoanthropes
3 Biovores
6 Warriors (three winged)
12 Genestealers
48 Hormagaunts
16 SpineGaunts

I already picked up Old One Eye, 3 tyranid warriors, 16 Spine Gaunts, 16 Hormagaunts, one Carnifex and a Zoanthrope for a grand total of 110 bucks including shipping. I think I made out pretty well, but if you don't think so, don't be shy. I'm always on the lookout for better deals.

The rest of the army would be cheap because I'm buying up a big army deal on ebay and selling the stuff I'm not using individually. If anyone wants to make an offer, I'd have the following up for sale, assuming I close the deal. They're either unpainted or very well painted in green and bleached bone with highlights (can be resprayed or stripped):

13 Hormagaunts ~ 20 bucks
3 Winged Warriors ~ 12 bucks each
2 Carnifex ~ 20 each
2 Raveners ~ 8 each
1 Zoanthrope ~6 bucks
1 Additional Winged Tyrant ~30 bucks

Prices are all negotiable. I'm anxious to hear any offers, or just feedback on forgeworld's kit.