I'm going to be playing an 8000pt apocalypes game against a friend in 5 days time. Now, he is quite well off, and goes mad buying warhammer 40k. He recently expanded his nid army from 4000 points to 8000 points, including some buff apocalypse models like the heirodule. I can't afford to buy any new units (and don't really want to anyway) for this game, so I am going to use all 3 of my armies (roughly 7700 pts with basic upgrades). I have ~3000 pts of Orks ~2500 pts of eldar and ~2200 pts of necrons. I know what I have to field and the best upgrades to use. I just wanted to see what people thought of my tactics and strategies.

I know this guy has a heirodule, and another forgeworld model he would not name, (im guessing its that annoying flying one gaagh! He always talked about getting one). His army is basically split halfways points-wise between really buff nid units upgraded and all, and basic and numerous swarms. Now knowing him he would also through in endless swarm rules from apoc.

The only apoc. unit I have is an ork fighta-bomma (custom made, coz im not rich like him!). In my ork army I have pretty much 1500pts of speek freaks and other vehicles, then 1500pts of foot-slogging troops, elites and dread mobs and ghazkghull thrakka. I have one battlewagon and as said before a fightabomma.

In my Eldar army I have a wave serpant a fire prism, falcon, wraithlord eldrad uthran (sorry if its mispelt ) 2 squads of dire avengers 2 of guardians with platforms, striking scorpions dark reapers, harlequins, scorpions phoenix lord, and an avatar of khaine (few other units in between).

In my Cron army, I have a nightbringer (whoo!), monolith, destroyers, heavy destroyers, scarabs, tomb spyder, pariahs, 3 squads of crons, lord, small squad of flayed ones.

Now, the basic strategy I was thinking of was to sit back in my deployment zone, (or inside buildings) with my eldar and most of the crons, and keep my ork speedies in reserve, while I form the front lines with a large wad (approxinamtely 70) ork boyz. All slugga/choppa boyz ofcourse! . I will let him come to me, he'll no doubt send his waves of gaunts in first and I should easily wipe the floor with firepower from my eldar, and shooty units from the other two armies. Then if he gets close enough, my orks and crons will blast him point-blank, then ill send in the green-skins to mop-up. Ofcourse most of these gaunts will pop-back up on his board edges, but this will be useless to him, because It will be a real treck to cross his deployment zone and most of mine. Because my guys will be bunched up in my corner, his lictors shouldnt be a problem due to the 18" rule when in sight for infiltration. He will no doubt have some gargoyles or infiltrated units ready to swarn ne from the flanks. This is where I let loose my fighta-bommer faster ork units transporting lightly armoured slugga boyz (rendering the genestealers rending pointless and innefective). They will get extra help if they need it from my scarabs destroyers, and my scorpion/direavenger filled transport and falcon.

Once he starts to move the bulk of his army in a wide-collumn down the center towards me, I will send out any remaining transports from the orks, as well as fast/transport units from the other two armies, around his flanks (which I hopefully would have control of by this point. Although the flank attacks will probably be destroyed, they should succeed in disrupting, slowing the bulk of the nid force down. And heavy hitters such as the heavy destroyers and the prism might even take out a few large nid creatures. As he draws closer to my main defensive position, I will continue to rain down a hail of fire from cover, and vantage points (it will be a cityfight board by the way). Eventually the bulk of his force will get within striking distance of my troops. at which point I will use the ork waagh rule to charge headlong into his remaining nid army, along with a tank shock and unloading of troops from my battlewagon. Eventually, my brave ork warriors will fall, but not before my eldar fall back a further 12" due to fleet of foot. If I have any fast units left at this point i will send them headlong into the attackers to further stall their relentless advance. By the time my orks, have fallen the attackers will once more have to advance into incoming fire for a turn or two. Once I can fall back no further, my cron warriors will form a new frontline and wither down a hail of arcane gauss weaponry blasting apart a few chunks of nids no doubt. Then in the final stages my final reserves of heavy hitting assaulters will charge forward through the shooting and lock up the nids once more in combat. This will likely consist of my avatar, ghazkgull and 10 nobs with pks (nid monster killers), any remianing boyz, my wraithlord with wraithsword, the nightbringer and paraihs with lord retinue. and if not used yet, my scorpions and their exarcfh and phoenix lord. If the nids still manage to crush this line, which they may, as the endless swarms catch up. I will be sure to finish the remainders off with my avengers and their exarchs emptying their remaining ammunition before charging in with power weapon and shimmershield, alongside my remaining cron and ork troops, as well as a tank shock from my ork looted vehicle. If he can survive all of this fire and close assault and still kill my last troops before the game is over, he will surely be the greatest nid tactician or luckiest bloke ever to play 40k.

Although I have faith in this plan, If there are any players, particularly nid players who could advise me on any downfalls, it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Smurph