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    Variety Amongst My 3 Main Armies Gameplay (help please)

    I’m about to finish my year at uni which leaves me with all summer to create armies and I have two great unique ideas for two heavily converted armies which I am greatly looking forward to.

    1st is a renegade Adeptus Mechanicus that specialized in the forbidden art of robotics and AI represented by a Necron army.

    2nd is an army of undead space marines being controlled by 5 powerful chaos champions the Darkmakers led by the leader: the deamon prince Sharazad. (Look at the last post for my final army list) (1500pts Undead Legion (Death Guard))

    Both armies feature conversions that I love the look of and backgrounds full of character, but there is a small problem.

    I’ve recently reflected on the two armies and how I predicted they’d play on the board and I’m afraid the similarities are just too great to offer the variety in armies I want. My current guard force is a static firebase type army that focuses on numbers. But both the ‘Death Guard’ and the ‘Necron’ armies are heavily resilient armies that march forward while soaking up fire.

    So can you look at the two army lists and give me you input on how similar they are?

    Another small problem is that none of my 3 main armies focus on close combat now I know Necrons can’t do effectively but in order to get some variety in my 3 armies should I convert my undead army from a ‘death guard’ list to something more close combat based?

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    Was just browsing through the forums and noticed that this thread hadn't gotten any replies. Sorry for the long wait, but I'll try and help you out if I can. Unfortunately, the links seem to be broken at the moment so I'll try and comment from what I know of Death Guard and Necron armies generally. You're right in that both of them are very resilient armies that have strong small arms firepower. However, for the themes you want to do for each army they are both the most fitting, which is unfortunate. Changing the zombie marines to an assault army that moves at high speed would definitely change the whole feel of it; and let's face it zombies are nothing if not resilient or numerous. Perhaps you could change it into a more general army of undead Marines, allowing you to add some animated Thousand Sons, and some Raptors and bikers to represent banshees, headless horsemen, spirits of vengeance, whatever you want. I'm can't see the final list but I will comment further once I have.

    Hope this helps!

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