i have put the rest of my armies on sabbatical leave, my gaming group has decided to take a huge mega battle w/ each player having around 1000 to 2000 points to work with. i wanted to create a good word bearers list and realized this is the perfect opportunity. but i am seriosuly lacking in models and time.
i have about 100-200 $$ to spend and have a few models already.
i want a good looking army, not a power army with 5 man squads.

so far i have these
5 terminators
5 raptors
10 chaos space-marines
10 horrors
1 obliterator

i am thinking of a speedy army with lots of daemons and speedy stuff. a good looking darkapostle with a jumppack is very considerable.
if you decide not to use a word bearers army, please keep the army Undivided, no troops w/ marks. i am even thinking of starting a Lost and Damned army, but still do not have the codex. (argh... i stop playing for 6 months and we nearly conquer the imperium!&#33 I like to convert models and i am very capable of doing it. i do not want a "generic" army... but an army that is unique, even if it is your idea.

200$$ budget
1000-2000 pts.
HELP!!!! (plea to those of you who are really good at coming up with good looking armies.)

Edit: if you have a good list, PM me or Email me.