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    Well first of all i will apologise for spelling and grammer very dyslexik lol

    my main problem is i need to feild a pure dh amry for a game. i am playhing chaos and necrons.

    i was thinking this:
    inq thunder hammer and termi armor scourcing and sanctuary
    his men would be ............need help here......

    a grandmaster with 9 termis.( i know your thinkiung *****).


    troops 3 times....1 with incinprato and 3gk 1 justikator

    and a lrc with (psy bullet things sorry i fogot name and codex not to hand)

    thats is it i am haveing real troubel figering this out as i left 40k for gcse's then came back so i have anough to buy a full army just with basic models at £15 i dont wana make a mistake.

    so if its posibil tell me if i brok any rulz ect i would relly like it if someone could help me i can have a army from 1500-2000 i will be playing chaos mostly so help me

    lol thanks to all who read this and once again sorry bout spellings

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    Well, you took two very expensive HQ's, 3 very very small and undereffective troop squads, and a very expensive tank. You'll get steamrolled with this list. The LRC and two HQ's are fine, as long as you add a LOT of troops. Make the three squads maxed out before moving on to buying other things.

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