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    I'm trying to decide whether the collect DH or 13th company.

    What I'd like to know is how many points this would come up to:

    A Rune Priest blister (the one with plasma pistol and frostblade) and a box of Grey Slayers.

    I plan (if I buy them) to split the box into two teams, one for combat with a power fist and power weapon and one with the melta gun and any toher stuff left.

    This is great value for money at only about £20 but I don't know how many points they will make up. Does anyone konw if that will be enough for 400pts and if it will be effective?

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    I have worked out the points values of the items you said:

    Rune Priest (133)
    - Plasma pistol
    - Frostblade
    - Frag grenades
    - Wolf Pelt
    - Wolf Tail Talisman
    - Runic charm
    -Frag and krak grenades

    -Grey Slayers Pack (126)
    - 1 Wolf Guard Pack leader with bolt pistol and power weapon
    - 4 standard Grey Slayers

    Grey Slayers Pack (141)
    - 1 Wolf Guard Pack leader with bolt pistol and power fist
    - 3 standard Grey Slayers
    - 1 Grey Slayer with meltagun

    Total: 400pts

    A good list, although the power weapon and power fist have to go in seperate packs as only the wolf guard pack leader can select those items from the armoury. I tooled up the rune priest to make it 400 pts, if you don't know what some of the stuff does just ask me or buy codex: space wolves ( + codex: space marines + codex: eye of terror)

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