I'm about to paint the rest of the deathwatch squad. Gotta love auspex on 30" bolters!

DW Librarian w/Bolter, Power Weapon, Kraken Bolts, Auspex
DW Squad x9 w/Kraken Bolts, 1xPlasma Gun.

Termie Squad x5 w/2x Hurricane Missle Launchers

Biker Squad x5 w/1x Meltagun
Land Speeder w/MM

Tac Squad x10 w/Meltagun, Vet Sarg(Lit Claws), in Rhino(Smok Launch, EA)
Tac Squad x10 w/Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter, V. Sarg(Storm Bolter)
Tac Squad x10 w/Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter
Scout Squad x10 w/V. Sarg(Power Fist), all ccw and bolt pistol

Dev Squad x5 w/4 ML
Dev Squad x5 w/2 ML, 2 Plasma Cannon

2000 pts 70 Dudes, 3 vehicles

Any comments appreciated.