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Thread: Cadian 1500

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    118 (x6)

    1500 Cadian IG

    Command Platoon(HQ)
    JO w/ Honorific
    Standard, Missle Launcher
    Iron Disc

    AntiTank (3Lascannon)

    Firesupport (3HeavyBolt) Sharpshot

    Stormtrooper(5) w/ 2 Meltaguns

    Infantry Platoon
    Command Squad w/ Missle Launcher & Iron Disp
    1st squad w/ Autocannon & Plasma
    2nd squad w/ Autocannon & Plasma

    Infantry Platoon
    Command squad w/ 3 Meltas
    Chimera w/ Multilaser, hull HB, Pintle HStub & ExtraA
    1st squad w/ HB
    2nd squad w/ HB
    3rd squad w/ HB

    Armored Fist squad w/ Missle Launcher
    Chimera w/ Multilaser, hull HB, pinlte Hstub & ExtraA

    Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ hull HB & HB sponsons
    Leman Russ Demolisher w/ hull Lascannon & Plasmacannon sponsons

    it does lack counter charge, but i usually run without that. i wasn't able to squeeze in my sentinels, which makes me cry. i feel my fire power is good and the two cimeras will give me some mobility, but is it enough?

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    ive never used pintle weapons on vehicles, i think they're too expensive, but hey your choice. giving the JO a honorifica: yes i know its 5pts less or whatever it is, but it does seem a bit unfluffy to me. id like to see the stormtroopers in the chimera over that armoured fist squad as well - just add the armoured fist squad to a platoon and off you go. and i hope the mounted-up squad has iron discipline too...... for 5pts its worth it even if only they benefit. and next time you post a list, can you give the total points for each squad to make it a bit easier on us.... NOT for each item/upgrade though, thats not allowed.

    anyways i quite like the list overall, good job. sentinels are nice, and you'll probably get told you're crazy not to have them, but i wouldnt worry too much.

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