I'm planning to expand my army so that it fills up an entire force organisation chart and would like to get some comments on the balance of it. I try to vary the weapons so that all units have a different look. What do you all think, whats the weakness of this army?

[HQ 1] Grey Knight Grand Master @ 604 Pts
Sacred Icense, Grimoire of true names,
Retinue: 9 GK terminators w. 1 Psycannon

[HQ 2] Inquisitor Lord @ 480 Pts
Deamonhammer, Storm shield, Destroy Deamon
Retinue: 3 Hierophants, 2 Familiars, Servitor w. Power fist, Acolytes w. Storm shield, Acolyte w. Needle pistol and power armour, acolyte w. meltabomb
Landraider w. extra armour

[E 1] Inquisitor @ 182 Pts
Psy Cannon, CCW, Word of the Emperor
Retinue: 2 Servitors w. Heavy Bolter, Seervitor w. Plasma cannon, 2 Sages, Mystic

[E 2] 3 Death Cult Assassins @ 120 Pts

[E 3] Inquisitor @ 149 Pts
Anointed weapon, Boltpistol, Scourging
Retinue: 3 Vet. Guardsmen w. Plasmagun, 2 Sages, Hierophant

[T 1] 10 IST @ 190 Pts
Melta Gun, Flamer, Vet. w. CCW, Hellpistol
Rhino w. Pintle Sttorm Bolter, Smoke launcher

[T 2] 10 IST @ 120 Pts
Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun

[T 3] Inducted IG Armoured Fist squad @ 179 Pts
Missile Launcher, Grenade launcher, Vet. w. CCW, Boltpistol
Chimera w. Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Smoke launcher

[T 4] Inducted IG Platoon @ 344 Pts
HQ: Autocannon, Officer w. Power weapon
Squad1: Lascannon
Squad2: Missile launcher, Vet. w. CCW, Boltpistol
Squad3: Heavy Bolter, Vet. w. Storm Bolter
Remnants: 5 troopers w. 1 flamer

[T 5] 10 IST @ 217 Pts
2 Melta Guns, Vet. w. Power weapon, Hellpistol
Rhino w. Extra armor, Hunter Killer Missile, Searchlight

[T 6] 10 GK @ 300 Pts

[F 1] 10 GK @ 290 Pts
Justicar w. Digital weapon, Meltabomb

[F 2] 10 GK @ 275 Pts
Incinerator, Justicar w. Unguents of warding, Meltabomb

[F 3] Inducted Sentinel Squadron @ 190 Pts
Armageddon pattern (lascannon), Armoured crew compartment
Cadian pattern (Autocannon), Improved Comms
Cadian pattern (Autocannon)

[H 1] GK Dreadnought @ 130 Pts
Twin-linked Autocannon, Incinerator

[H 2] GK Dreadnought @ 150 Pts
Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile launcher, Blessed

[H 3] Inducted LeMan Russ Tank @ 170 Pts
3 Heavy bolters, Pintle Heavy Stubber, Smoke launcher

Models in Army: 147 infantry + 10 vehicles

Total Army Cost: 4115 Pts

Have someone else made an army using an entier force chart? If so how many points did you end up with and how many models?