Here is my Deathskullz army, I had some old SM parts that my freind gave me from his army and this gave my a reason to start a Deathskullz army...

Da Chap'n: 114
Mega Armour (Power Claw) (Shoota (More Dakka)) (Mega Boosta) (Stikkbomb Chucka), Bosspole, Iron Gob

Assultboyz Points: 145
Stormboy Nob Power Claw, Slugga, Big Horns, 'Eavy Armour, Jump Pack
5 Stormboy Frag Stikkbombz, Choppa, Jump Pack, Slugga

Marine Boyz Points: 144
11 Slugga Choppa, Slugga
3 Slugga Boy Burna

Marine Boyz Points: 181
Shoota Boy Nob Big Shoota, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole
1 Shoota Boy Big Shoota
2 Shoota Boy Rokkit Launcha
12 Shoota Boy Shoota

Bika Squad Points: 150
5 Warbike Boy Ork Warbike (Twin-linked big shoota)

Looted Vehicle Points: 130
Predata Annihilata Twin-linked lascannon, Heavy bolter, Heavy bolter

Devistatas Points: 139
1 Teck Boy - 3 Grot Oilers, Kustom Force Field
2 Loota Missile launcher (Frag missile) (Krak missile)
3 Loota Shoota


Shootas and Choppas move forward with Boss to take on the enemy. The Lootas hang back hopefull in cover near the Pred allow the forcefield to keep the tank hulldown and allow the Mek Boy repair it incase it gets shot up.