Yeah there's a EoT Tounry and I'm rushing to paint up at least 500 points before the 12th. I figured I'd post my list for comments, criticism, etc.

RT tourney Libras eternal strike force Aurekh


Chaos Champion Kor'ic Therion - 135 pts.

Termi armor
Furious Charge
Mark of Chaos Undivided
Spiky bits


Squad 'Sirius' - 199 pts

Bolt Pistol/CCW x7
Asp. Champion w/ Plasma pistol and Power Weapon
Counter Attack
Mark of Chaos Undivided

Squad 'Hellsrain' - 178 pts.

Bolter x5
Asp. Champion w/ Bolt pistol and Power Fist, Demonic Visage
Personal Icon
Heavy Bolter
Plasma Gun
Mark of Chaos Undivided

Total - 512 pts

So, what do you guys think? Questions, Comments, Criticism, and Critique welcome.