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Thread: Waaagh Og!

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    Senior Member 40Kgreybeard's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
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    Here's the deal--I only have a particular selection of models to work with, it should make 1000 pts but not much more. I'd like to stick to building an army that has the standard Force Org chart in mind. That being said, I can see I have at least 2 Fast Attack choices already, maybe 3. Anyway, here's the models I have to work with:
    1 Ork Battleforce Box (16 boyz, 5 Warbikes, Warbuggy, Wartrukk)
    2 boxes of Ork Boyz (32 boyz)
    3 Killer Kanz
    1 Nob
    1 Warboss

    Here's what I came up with, let me know if you think I could do better:

    Warboss Og "Da Boss" Grotstompa--Waagh banner, Kustom shoota/skorcha (more dakka), choppa, tankbusta bombs, 'eavy armor

    Nob Snazgob-- Iron Gob, Bosspole, slugga and choppa, attack squig Eater

    16 Shoota boyz--3 Big Shootas
    16 Slugga boyz
    8 Tankbusta boyz--3 Rokkit Launchas
    8 Trukk boyz--sluggas and choppas, Trukk with Big Shoota
    5 Warbikes
    Warbuggy--Mega Blasta
    Killa Kanz Mob Slasha, Basha, and Masha-- Big Shootas

    I think I'm 10 points shy of 1000, and thinking that maybe my warboss will need a Bionic body after his first couple of scraps, but who knows...

    I wanted a unit of elites (Skarboyz instead of Trukk boyz) which I could do if I lost the attack squig--but they can't ride in the truck, and I didn't want the Warboss in a truck by himself (it's not a chariot&#33. Besides, since I expect the truck to be destroyed, I'd rather all my boyz didn't die in the rollover...trukk boyz should survive to fight on. Most of them, anyway.

    Snazgob can lead any of the mobs, I guess, as can Og "Da Boss". Which units should they be attached to?

    Whaddaya think? :blink:

    Purge all the heretics,
    Kill the alien scum,
    Suffer not the unclean to live,
    And have a beer when you're done.

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    Get yourself a bigger Nob retinue with 'Eavy Armor, I say drop those warbikes and get yourself a looted vehicle or a big gunz battery, if not the army is pretty solid.

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    i like the boyz
    u hav the best plan MOB UM i llike ur style

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