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    First Attempt at making a daemonhunters army. I like tooling out characters as much as possible and this is reflected in the army list.

    Deamon Hunters 1600pts


    Inquisitor Lord
    -Thunder Hammer
    -Needle Pistol
    -Artificer Armour
    -Melta Bombs
    -Purity Seals
    -Sacred Insense
    -Icon of the Just
    -Digital Weapons
    -Consecrated Scrolls
    -Destroy Daemon
    Total 220pts


    -Plasma Pistol
    Total 23pts

    3 Familiars
    Total 24pts

    Gun Servitor
    -Multi Melta 25pts
    Total 35pts

    Total 10pts

    Transport Option
    Rhino 50pts

    Grand Total 356pts
    HQ Total 356pts


    4 Grey Knight Terminators
    Total 204pts

    1 Brother Captain
    -Holy Relic
    Total 121pts

    Grand Total 325pts

    Vindicare Temple Assassin
    Total 110pts
    Grand Total 110pts
    Elite Total 435pts


    9 Grey Knights
    Total 235pts
    1 Justicator
    -Unguents of Warding
    Total 60pts
    Grand Total 295pts

    9 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
    -2 Flamers
    -Krak Grenades
    Total 113pts
    Veteran (going to use the veteran sergent model from the old space marine tactical squad for this guy)
    -Power Armour
    -Melta Bombs
    -Power Fist
    -Krak Grenade
    Total 52pts
    Transport Option
    Rhino 50pts
    Total 50pts
    Grand Total 215pts
    Troops Total 510pts

    Fast Attack

    9 Grey Knights
    Total 235pts
    1 Justicator
    -Unguents of Warding
    Total 60pts
    Grand Total 295pts
    Fast Attack Total 295pts

    Heavy Support

    Lance Orbital Strike
    Grand Total 70pts

    Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader
    Grand Total 255pts

    Grey Knights Dreadnought
    -Twin-Linked Lascannon
    Grand Total 130pts

    Heavy Support Total 455

    Army Total 1592
    Total Models: 46

    Heh heh look its an alien -> :a

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    Wow, this guy is overloaded. And yes, I know you like to load them up, but there's a reasonable limit to what you should put on a T3 character! Drop the needle pistol for a bolt pistol - you have Scourging already. Sacred Incense works better with GK Termies, so put it on their BC. Digital weapons is a waste of points. FOUR psyker powers is rediculous. You can only use one per turn! Granted, the C.Scrolls let you use an extra power, but that's ONE extra power, and only ONCE per game. Banishment & Destroy Daemon, only take ONE of the above, and ONLY if you'll be facing a lot of Daemons (in which case, he should have a Daemonhammer instead of Thunderhammer). Scourging is useful, but if he's tooled up for CC, just use a pistol instead and save points. Holocaust is only the power I'd keep out of all of the four.

    His retinue is a disaster (no offense). One heavy gun, one pistol, and a mix of neither shooty nor assaulty. One sage is a waste, always buy two for the reroll. Three familiars may buy you extra powers, but you can't use them all anyways.

    The biggest problem (other than the simplicity of killing a T3 character) is that you've got him on the fence. You gave him a hammer and armor, which is good for CC, and Scourging and a mostly-ranged retinue, which is good for making a firebase. Inquisitor (Lord)'s DON'T work well with splitting roles. Decide what he'll be doing, and rebuild him.

    If you fielded this guy against me, he'd be dead on the first turn along with a third of your total army's points. Don't let that happen.

    Two doses of Holocaust is too expensive for 1500, and I would say that Holy Relic is as well.

    Vindicare is fine.

    GK unit is fine (JustiCAR, not CATOR ).

    IST: Flamers are weak, give them at least one plasma or melta weapon - the DH army needs those weapons!
    IST Vet: Krak & meltabombs is redundant, drop the krak. Since you DON'T want to get IST into combat, I'd suggest swapping the armor and fist for a gun and a power weapon.

    Lance strike is fine.

    You CANNOT have either of the GK Vehicles. Read the rulebook, you need a GK HERO, and the squad of GKT you have doesn't count (you could easily swap them from Elite to HQ, making the BC a Hero). Both the LRC & Dread NEED extra armor and smoke launchers.

    Overall, this army looks like you just want a bit of everything. You overloaded the HQ, took far too few troops for 1500, and took a LRC - an expensive buy even in 2000 points. Most army's would own this list.

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