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Thread: Good ol' Lucky

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    Good ol' Lucky

    So, anyone got a model which continually performs better than average. That one guy who always manages to do something odd defying. I have one in my Night Lord and Eldar army. So I invite you to share your stories!!

    Night Lord one is Raptor Boy. Raptor Boy was forged in the fired of battle against a cheesy powergame Dark Eldar list (5E) and I took a fluff list. This guy (Raptor champ with 2 LCs and IoS) killed about 500 points of Dark Eldar by himself. His squad did nothing. He lasted 4 rounds in combat with Asdrubael Vect, by himself.

    Then against Tau, he (alone again) managed to take a Hammerhead down by himself, where the Chaos Lord had fluffed it. In addition to taking out about 800 points worth of battlesuits and Fire Warriors. This guy is seriously scary. He has downed Chaplains, Archons, Farseers a plenty, Chaos Lords, Warbosses, Carnifex, Tyrants and even a unit of genestealers. Throughout the club, Raptor boy means death. He also has an italian accent and a pizza. In addition to only one arm. Go figure.

    This other is a more recent discovery. An Eldar Pathfinder (sniper for those of you who don't know). First use of him, he took down a Grey Knight Brother Captain through a window. The second game, his squad and him took a Hive Tyrant down in one round of shooting. 5 Men by the way. Last use, was against Elysians. Turn 3, he shoots at a passing Vulture, wreaking havoc with my Avengers. He is the sole survivor of my squad, and the only guy holding the objective he was on. Shooting, his shot is AP1, rending, he penetrates it and headshots the driver through the window. Bringing the thing down. Still not content he takes aim at the second Vulture. And, with another amazingly improbably roll, brings it down too.

    Two kill tallies on his Long Rifle so far.

    Looking forward to hearing tales of your own lucky models ^^



    Originally Posted by Archnomad
    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    I have Gaunt, while a special character is still human, who has killed over 100 enemies so far ranging from orks, chaos and loyal space marines, tau, eldar to even abaddon.

    But as far as grunts go

    A laser destroyer blew up a revanant titan in one shot in the first turn of an apoc game

    A lone space marine, whose model represents chuck norris due to a bearded head with a head band and a machete (built to be a true grit marine back in the day) in an apoc game was the last surviving normal tactical marine of his squad after drop podding into tau rapid fire range along with 3 other squads. He charged a group of Tau and killed 1 but they stuck around. He was then charged by another fire warrior team and a shas'o with 2 bodyguards and proceeded to last 4 turns (not round) of combat with them, killing a couple but mainly survivng, before in the last turn of the game routing all the tau, chasing down the shas'o and running just within range of a Tau held objective to contest it giving me the win instead of a tie. since then he's become a sergeant and has led his squad to numerous victories mostly by the sword as he charges into close combat and clears buildings (playing a campaign against tau and daemonhunters in a city)
    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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