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    2 Enslavers 170
    5 Dice each

    Master Shaper 95
    Bolt pistol
    Power weapon
    Mark of the favour child
    Veneration charm
    Total 265

    16 Kroot 195
    Shaper-Storm bolter Kroothawk totem
    Fast reflexes

    16 Kroot 204
    Shaper-Bolt pistol Power weapon Blood of the stalker
    Fast reflexes
    Total 399
    Fast Attack
    8 Trakers 182
    Shaper-Bolt pistol Power weapon

    2 Kroot sentinals 150
    Shaper sentinal
    Total 332
    Total 997

    At his feet a dying Tarkanan warrior urtered the words, 'Long live the Dragon King....'

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    I havent heard of the enslavers or Sentinels before, where do they come from? Also, I think that when you use signature adaptations, you are going to have to apply the same adaptation to all units in your army, even if you dont want to. It'll cause you to gain some extra points and force you to rework the list. Other than that,may I suggest you'll need some melta bombs or other equipment capable of taking out tanks? (of course, that could be what the two units I dont know about are for. If they are from another army and this isnt pure kroot, then unfortunately you can't take signature adaptations.)

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