For some idiot reason, and I dont know how it happened, I forgot to include the actual army name in my original post. :unsure: Anyways, sorry about that, the other post hasnt been deleted yet (I think), but it probably will be soon.

Commander Farsight
Shas’O – MP, PR, FB, HW-MT. Orc Fighter

Stealth Team x 6 – Bonded
Crisis Suit – Shas’Vre – MP , TL-PR, HW-MT. Orc Fighter
Crisis Suit – Shas’Vre – MP , TL-PR, HW-MT. Orc Fighter

FireWarriors x 12
FireWarriors x 12
Gue’Vesa’La x 6 – 2 PR
1x Gue’Vesa’Ui x 1 – Markerlight
Gue’Vesa’La x 5 – 2 PR
1x Gue’Vesa’Ui x 1 – Markerlight

Heavy Support
Broadsides x 2 – SMS, SG
1x Leader – SMS, SG, HW-TL
Hammerhead – Railgun, BC, DL, DP, TL, MT

Granted, I'd like more firewarriors, thats the first thing on my list of things to buy when I have money. That aside, this army is going to be going up against another Tau player this coming week, I think I'll be able to tear through him. My Crisis Suits, Shas'O and Farsight can hopefully get into close combat and eat him alive, and my troops and heavy support should hopefully be sufficient.
Any thoughts on it overall though, and against other armies?
I've thought of dropping a plasma rifle on each of the Shas'Vre and getting an unheard of flamer, due to their mission it might be useful. It would allow me for another Gue'la, big deal, but also hopefully be great in the assault, the plasma rifles and missile pods being used like a normal FireKnife until I get in close, any thoughts on that?