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    Warhammer 40k Tournaments/sanctioned play?

    Hey everyone.

    So, I just got into Warhammer 40k and so far I'm really diggin' it. Basically me and 5 other friends are going have a tourament where we play against each other once a week/month and the winner gets 5 pts for each battle they win. The person who has the most points gets to say "I'm de best!"

    Anyways, the point of this thread is twofold.

    1. I'm trying to think of ideas to spice up the motivations/prizes for winning. I'm not sure my group will agree to it, because its' a pure casual/fun/inexpensive way to get a bunch of friends together to play Warhammer40k. Right now, only 1 Guy in our group has actual experience playing this game...so aside from a few games and basic understanding of the rules, everyone is still in the learning stage.

    2. Just in case I decide to actually invest more than $50 into this game, I wanted to see if there is ever a tournament/sanctioned type setting where you can actually win stuff. In some games I've played, such as Magic:the Gathering and Heroclix, they have weekly competetive/casual games where players have a chance at winning boosters/Limited edition figures or Rare cards. Usually there is a small fee or risk associated with the chance to win something potentially valued at more than the entry fee.

    3. (OKay, It's threefold). Last, but not least, I was wondering if any army would have an extremely unfair advantage or disadvantage to knowing what Army they'll be facing against before they enter the arena, thus allowing them to tailor their army to beat the opponents.

    ie. If I'm Ork, and my opponent is say, Eldar...would either force have the unfair advantage (or potentially be able to wipeout the opposing army with no chance of counters)

    So far, the followng Armies that will be present.
    Ork (From AoBR (Me)
    2x Space Marines (from AoBR)
    2x Necron
    1x Tyrannid
    1x Eldar

    Lastly, we have a rule where any unit is "counts as". So that means (if my understanding is correct) any unit can count as any other unit, as long as the base size is correct. So my Deffkoptas could be Warbikes, Boys and Nobs could be about any other Ork unit I want them to be. Trukks could be potentially subtituted by a toy trukk or a sheet of cardboard of a similiar size.

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    ok im knid of new as well, and me and my friends are doing similar things to you so ill try to answer as best i can...

    1. i dunno, for prizes i am de best is a pretty good prize, i always love the rights to say that
    if thats not enought say youll chip in for the next purchase, or u could even do like a pot of 5 bucks a piece to enter?

    2. i know there are tournaments, as for what you win, etc. where they are, etc. and i think that ur models have to be WYSIWYG, but i know they exist

    3.ok im just going to blurt this out, some races have slight advantagrs over others yes, but ultimatly every side is able to fight on equal footing, for some it maybe harder to win but winning is always possible, hell ive beaten my friends 3 defeats and my friend pulled a lucky turn out of his butt and won the 4th game so, nothing is set in stone

    also me and my friends do the count as thing and it works well, just make sure to CHECK your friends list and have everyone double check theyre math, tourneys are pretty strict on lists, so make sure theyre not breaking any point rules!

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