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    okay here is the edited versionn after mEGALOMANIACs post

    Grand Master
    4 Termies

    Eversor Assasin

    Artificer Armour
    2 sages
    Gun servitor
    Plasma cannon

    GK Justicar
    4 GKs 1 with incinerator

    GK Justicar
    4 GKs 1 with incinerator

    GK Justicar
    4 GKs 1 with psycannon

    10 IST
    2 with Plasma guns
    Vetern with teleport homer
    10 IST
    2 melta
    1 T homer

    GK Dread
    Twin-linked lascannons

    in most cases all gk squads except one will deeps strike along with termies this list is intended to play anything but mostly SMs

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    103 (x8)

    Nothing wrong with it - a little expensive for 1500, but it'll do damage. If anything, I'd drop a termie or two, or downgrade to a BC.

    Eversor is fine, probably the best Temple choice for anti-SM.

    Drop the artificer armor - since it's a shooty unit, it'll stay to the rear, and mainly take casulties from return fire. Therefore, you have to use the mixed armor save rules on it, and right now you'd have to use the Sage's save, as its the majority. I'd forget armor, and take more Warriors (who have the same save as an un-armored Inquisitor) so their save is the majority. Also, you're going to want more guns for this unit to really be worth it - 2 Heavy Bolter servitors in addition to what's already there would take care of the firepower problem AND the armor save problem.

    I'd buy a rhino for each of these IST units - they don't have the armor save or Shrouding rule that GK have, so they won't survive a march across open terrain. Dropping two GK Terminators will almost buy you two Rhinos. Also, take either 2x plasma guns or 2x meltaguns per unit - mixing and matching makes them less efficient - and no grenade launchers - they don't do nearly as much damage as the other choices. I'd give both squads a Vet with TP Homer if you DO put them in the Rhinos.

    Fast Attack:
    From what you said about deepstriking, I'm assuming that all three GK units are FA choices. Consolidate the three units into two larger squads - 5-strong Deepstriking units will be DESTROYED before they even get to enter CC. It's usually smart to take no more than one special weapon per Deepstriking unit, so you'll have to leave one of them at home. Meltabombs on all Deepstriking GK Justicars.

    Heavy Support:
    A TL-Lascannon is a much better choice for a DH army - they need all the anti-armor they can get. A Plasma Cannon WILL negate power armor, but you need to be able to take out predators or land aiders. If you eventually take more than one Dread, then you can start varying their weapons, but not when you only have one, and that one is your only real anti-tank. Extra armor & Smoke are essential.

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