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    Dark Mechanicus Representatives?

    Well, not sure where I should put this, but I feel this is the most fitting place. Ok doke:

    I have just bought a box of necron warriors and some flagellants and am currently making up some Dark Mechanicus... things. Not sure what they are yet. They have hooded faces (if you look really closely it's the 'cron skull painted bronze), black and red robes with bionics showing in random sporadic areas. Not sure what armaments to give them (they're currently unarmed). Anyway. The reason I'm here.

    What rules set could I use for the Dark Mechanicum/Mechanicum in 40k. I would like a fully legal one. So far here are my ideas:

    Codex Chaos Daemons: (Dark Admech)
    Big Rippy shooty death machines (war engines =])
    Monstrous Creatures and stuff (bionic daemonic androids)
    Tzeentch stuff is fairly shooty, as I imagine admech to be.
    Bloodletters would make awesome combat servitors

    Why does my army deep strike?
    Why does my army deep strike?
    I know I said that one twice, but I felt it was so important, it deserved the second mention.

    Codex Imperial Guard: (Can be either Admech or Dark Admech)
    Lot's of shooting
    Repair vehicles
    Skitarii (who I'm not a big fan of to be honest. I like the idea of a force that is just the adepts running the war machines, and it's the machines that do most of the killing.)
    Lots of vehicles

    No rippy death combat machines.
    A bit too high in number, while the basic man is a bit too weak for the idea I have in mind (I imagine the admech to have very high power weaponry)

    Codex Space Marines: (Probably have to be normal Admech)
    Good shooting
    Good combat
    Resilient (like I imagine my army)
    Awesome tech marines

    It's marines.... =[
    Their weaponry doesn't seem... high powered enough to be Admech.

    Overall I'm leaning on Daemons and then probably guard afterwards. For daemons my army would be something along the lines of:

    Heralds of Tzeentch (Magos)
    Heralds of Khorne on Chariot (Praetorians/Cyber-Daemons)
    Horrors (basic footman... who will be adepts and few in number)
    Bloodletters (Death Servitor =])
    Soulgrinders (Big rippy shooty horrible machines)

    For guard it would probably be: (loyalist Admech)

    Guard HQ (has to be done)
    Inquis Lord (Magos?)
    Eversor (Electro Priest)
    Engineseers (as they are)
    Guardsmen (Skitarii)
    Grey Knights (Death Servitors)
    Hellhounds (Tanks)
    Sentinels (Walkers)
    Russes/Artillery (Tanks)

    I will probably end up keeping my army a sort of in between. Dark Red, but not evil enough to be outright Dark Admech. So I can use some units in both armies =]. However I will probably do Dark Admech first (I'm chaotic at heart)

    So which army do we think is the best to be used as Dark Admech? Same question for loyalist Admech?

    Thanks a tonne in advance.



    Originally Posted by Archnomad
    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    How will you explain why your army is deep strikeing?

    Post up some pics on finished units/army this sounds like a cool looking army
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    After reading Mechanicum I was inspired to build a Dark Mechanicus army as well.

    I finally settled on the Chaos codex because it is the only codex which has DM units, namely the defiler and the obliterator cult. Or rather the above units are the DMs' handy work.

    The chaos dex has several advantages as well, the defiler and dreadnoughts would give you the “rippy death combat machines” that you wanted. The army already has quite a few models that blend organic and mechanical, that coupled with the twisted bodies and spikes you have a great start to the army. For example the sonic guns are melded with the noise marines who also have various cords running into them from the weaponry.

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