Here's the army I will probably be using for an upcoming EOT tournament.

Inquisitor Lord w/terminator armour, 2 master crafted lightning claws, scourging, 3 acolytes w/storm shields, 2 combat servitors, a vet. guardsman w/shotgun, 1 servo skull. =250

Grey Knight Grand Master w/master crafted nemesis force weapon, sacred incense, grimoire of true names, icon of the just, chainfist =235
Retinue of 4 terminators =184

6 Grey Knight Terminators, 1 psycannon, brother captain has an extra power sword =351

8 Grey Knights, w 2 psycannons, Justicar has melta bombs =280

10 Grey Knights =275

Purgation Squad of 5 with 4 psycannons.

Keep in mind I play more to have fun than to win. I have so many termis because I love them model-wise, and fluff-wise.