I didnt do a whole lot effort into making this list.I remembered Choas Marines cost 14 points each.so here's the list this is a legal list because im doing a vanilla chapter for choas and I say there the Fallen Angels.Im just gonna use the Marines out of my DA army for now until i get a strong list for the Fallen.

HQ-Cypher 151 pts

Royal to Cypher Fallen Angels squad of 9 Marines with bolt pistols and chainswords + Rhino 176 pts(Furious charge dont know points yet)

Troops-10 Choas Marines(Dark Fallen Angels that are Lutherites basicly they sold there soul to the Choas Gods)

Elites-Dreadnought-135 pts
TL Lascannon and missle Launcher

Heavy Support-Land Raider-280 points
Smoke Launchers,mounted Storm Bolter,Hunter killer missle

Predator-100 pts With a AutoCannon and Heavy bolters on the side

this is 982 points,the Furious Charge I think is 10 points but im for sure yet but if it is im gonna give both squads a veteran abilities.Im gonna see how this list will do
but before I launch it I want your guy's Opions.