Hello to all my fellow necrontyr out there.

A new necron devotee has finally seen the light of the C'tan.

*cough* anyways, here is a 2000 pt necorn list that I have made up, I just wanted to hear any comments from any necron players regarding it. So here it goes.


Necron Lord: 200 pts
Veil of Darkness
Ressurection Orb


10x Immortals: 280 pts


14x Necron Warriors: 252 pts

14x Necron Warriors: 252 pts

14x Necron Warriors: 252 Pts

Fast Attack

5x Destroyers: 250 pts

9x Scarab Swarms: 108 pts

Heavy Support

3x Tomb Spyders: 165 pts

Monolith: 235 pts

Total: 1,994 pts

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions/comments to make, other models I have available to put in the army is a squad of flayed ones, both C'tan, 3 wraiths, a destroyer lord, and 3 more destroyers.

i also plan on buying 2 or 3 heavy destroyers.