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    Sorcerer Spike_alike's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    6 (x4)

    Mind war
    Singing Spear

    5 Howling Banshees
    One is an Exarch with Executioner
    Mounted in Falcon Grav Tank:
    Scatter Laser
    Holo Feild

    16 Storm Gaurdians
    x2 Fusion Guns

    16 Storm Gaurdians
    x2 Flamers

    20 Gaurdian Defenders
    Star Cannon Platform

    1 Vyper Jetbike
    Shurikan Cannon


    Total: 998
    Modals in Army: 61

    A Promise to a dead man means nothing.

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    Senior Member 40Kgreybeard's Avatar
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    1 (x1)

    I haven't seen too many Eldar armies that go for the good ol' Ork approach of "Swamp 'Em" but I think you've nearly got enough guardians to pull it off. The Howling Banshee unit is nice, very useful, especially the exarch who is a great HQ assassin (she needs the acrobatic ability, though). As long as you've got loads of troops, you ought to throw in a warlock with Conceal power with your Defender squad and give your Farseer the Fortune power. They get to reroll all their invulnerable saves, and will absorb lots of incoming fire. Use this unit to screen the other guardian squads until they can get into close combat.

    I've never done too well with the Eldar myself, though I've often been beaten badly by them. It seems I've had the worst of both worlds. So, I hate eldar. At least until their new codex comes out!
    Purge all the heretics,
    Kill the alien scum,
    Suffer not the unclean to live,
    And have a beer when you're done.

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    The Fallen Cheredanine's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    411 (x8)


    rather than playing vanilla, I would suggest you switch to ulthwe, at no extra points cost 2 of those guardian squads become black guardians

    farseer- ok what are you trying to do here? kill hqs? then you dont need teh signing spear, after all, what are you gonna use it for? throwing? you want be able to mind war if you do that, fighting? then why not save 3 points and get a witch blade? if you go ulthwe then there are othr options, but I would agree with graybeard here, ditch the mind war and take fortune then hang him with one of your squads

    Banshees: (firstly list the falcon seperately but with a note as the falcon is actually a heavy support choice) your falcon needs spirit stones and I am dubious about its weapons choice
    Your banshee squad is good but it will suffer reason is this, banshees are excellent slayers, plarticularly of powered armour monstrosities. but they dont actually stand up to damage well, you need to kill everyone in the first round, accordingly you need as many attacks as you can, so you actually really need a full squad of 10, now these of course, would eat more points but would be mroe effective, also you cant fit 10 in a flacon, but that is why they invented wave serpents

    Stormies w fusion guns - hmm ok squd is alittle large for my liking, but fine, you need to add a warlock, traditionally warlocks with storm guardian squads take enhance, better WS and hitting ahead of the Emperor finest, wheras with defender squads they take conceal (stay alive longer) but there are arguements, notably agaist Tau and IG, for giving the warlocks with the storm squads conceal

    stormies with flamers - good, numbers could be upped firther, and need a warlock

    defenders - definatly need a warlock

    Vyper - no, vypers are heavy weapons platforms, give it either a star cannon or Eldar missile launcher, the shuriken cannon is comparably pants

    Wraithlord - fine

    hope that helps
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