Here's my revised seeding swarm list. I'm eager to hear people's replies. Sorry for posting so many times with it, but there's a local tournament wednesday, and I'm really waffling on this list. I should probably just pick one and stick to it... it's only a game, after all

HQ: Mutable Tyrant: AG +1 In, +1 WS, TxScs +1 St, Enhanced Senses, Ext. Carapace, ST X2, Warp Blast, flesh hooks, bioplasma – 161

Elite: 4 CC Warriors, (AG +1 ws, +1 in, ext. carapace, txscs, rc, st, flesh hooks) - 128


15 Pyrogaunts: (ST, TxScs, AG+1 In, AG +1 WS) hivenode, 160

18 ToxicSpinegaunts (Spinefists, ToxicSacs), hivenode, 154

18 ToxicSpinegaunts (Spinefists, ToxicSacs), hivenode, 154

Fast Attack: 9 Ferocious Genestealers, scything talons - 198

Fast Attack: 9 Ferocious Genestealers, scything talons- 198

Fast Attack: 9 Ferocious Genestealers, scything talons - 198

Heavy: 1 Dual Devourer ‘Fex – Standard Codex 'fex w/ 2 devourers, purely decorative scything talons, and flesh hooks 152 points

Heavy:1 Dual Devourer 'Fex - 150 points (same as above)

Heavy: 12 Without Number Genestealers, 192

1847 points

97 models

The idea, (nothing brilliant) would be to drop the ferocious broods into close combat to block LOS, and then land the WON broods and pyrogaunts behind so they're safe from shooting and ready to charge into CC, too. I figure that with a maximum scatter of 12'', I'm safe to leave leaping off the gaunts, and I decided to max out one heavy slot with stealers because I couldn't resist 2 'fexes with 8 strength 9 shots each. That's almost a guarantee of 2 dead tanks/walkers/skimmers per turn, not to mention the damage you could do against a wraithlord, demonprince, etc. I figure 9 'stealers w/ scything talons is enough per ferocious brood to take out a tank or cripple a squad, and their main use would be to block LOS and soften defenses anyway.

Granted, I'm screwed if I loose my strategy roll or the tournament game doesn't have a deep strike rule, but is this list cheesey? Is it competitive? I made it because at my club, I play mostly IG and Tau on big long open boards, and this is something they won't expect. Would it hold up against other races?

Of course, I could always bring my Gargantuan CDR monster...