Here's my iron warriors sub chapter list, but i need to know if it makes sense or is lacking of something.

HQ-Chaos lor "Antimachos the machine tyrant"-60 twin lightning claws+30 daemonic venom+5 daemonic aura+15 mutation+15 spiky bits+10 master crafted+15 mark of the machine+5 frag furious charge+15= 170
squad Denius-8 marines-112 bolters 2 plasma guns+20 rhino+50 extra armor+5=195
squad machina-8 marines-112 bolters rhino+50 extra armor+5=167
squad organis-8 marines bolt pistols and cc wpns 2 plasma pistols rhino+50 extra armor+5=187
squad omega-7 marines-98 bolt pistols and anger managment problems furious charge+21 champion+13 power weapon+10 rhino+50 extra armor+5=198
bassilisk "ground hog"-100 indirect+25=125
defugler-150 indirect+25=175
3 obliterators-210
1 obliterator-70