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Thread: 2500 Pt Eldar

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    hi, i just finished a game gains IG and i got thrashed =(
    i was wondering what i can do agains heavy guns such as lascannons
    well any way hear goes

    farseer 71
    mind war
    shuri pistol

    warlocks 4x42
    shuri pistol

    warlock 42
    shuri pistol

    REMEMBER the hq squade is going to ride in the falcon witch will be moving 24 inches pertern so it can get in range to drop the hq squade

    um...... well......
    there saposto look like wilde chickens running aroud with there heads choped off, but in actauly there saposeto fininsh off the attach using fof like every trun untill they get in range

    gardians 8 114

    gardians 7 114

    snipers 3x19

    snipers 3x19

    snipers 3x19

    they provide cover fire


    wapspiders 22x7
    exarch 89
    ext death spiner
    power blades
    suprise assalt

    howling banchies 16x9
    exarch 37

    wave serpint 190
    tl bright lance
    spirit stone
    cristal matrix

    firedragons 17x9
    exarch 61
    tank hunter
    fire pike

    wave serpint 180
    tl scaterlasers
    spirit stone
    crustal matrix

    fast attack
    jet bikes 5x35

    vypers 2x50
    nothing specal, all reguler with churi cannon

    swooping hawks 5x21
    exarch 63
    power weapon
    sustaned assault

    heavy suport
    falcon 220
    cristal matrix
    spriti stone

    total pts 2502

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    OK this may sound little critical, but I am trying to help:

    HQ: mind war is a little unecessary against IG,

    Plus using a falcon to deliver 3 guys is a waste IMHO.
    I would break your HQ appart, use Eldrich storm as the spell for the farseer and have him join a guardian squad

    Put the warlocks with the guardin squads

    20 guardians: fine I assume they are guardian defenders or are they stormies? eitehr way they need a warlock

    your 2 smaller guardian squads: star cannon are brilliant against Marines but pointless against IG, may as well take shuikn cannon and save the points, but it doesnt really work against IG, they wil lout shoot you, I would ditch the weapons platform completely and go for large guardian squads (20) with warlocks

    Snipers (rangers) Brillaint against Greater demons but against IG a compelte waste of points mate, I doubt I would ever field 9 of them in any case, but for the points you can almost get another 20 Guardians, that is either 40 shuriken shots or 60 attacks, which if you are lucky will get you 9 shots, 8 hits, 4 wounds 3 kills, not to mention they are far more resiliant

    Elites: you spent far too many points on elites IMHO, the bulk of your points (40%+ should be troops, less than 25% should be elites) anyway:
    Spiders - expensive but good

    Banshees: the exarch needs powerblades and in any case, I would rather use scorpions against IG

    The serpent can not take a holofied upgrade - it isnt a legal upgrade for serpents, and you gone way OTT on the upgrades here, I would drop the CTM

    Fire dragons: I would vastly reduce the size of this squad (5 would seem adiquate) it can only be justified at all if you use it to take out leman Russes

    Their serpant is illegal as per the previous serpent and needs modifying accordingly

    Jet bikes: wouldnt bother against IG, storm guardians are as effetive and you can get 4+ for the price of each bike

    Vypers: I would take EML actually, far more effctive

    Hawks: way too expensive (points wise against IG, another liability unit, if I didnt love the figs I would never use them). If you must use them give the exarch Web of skulls and shuriken pistol as well as sustained assult

    Falcon- you are bunring points here, this is a tank, ditch the Spirit stones and the holo field - just use the CTM. lso dont waste points on the bright lance, the pulse laser is the falcons main weapon, particulalry once you start playing 4th ed, make the other weapon either a star cannon VS marines or chaos, but against Guard, take the scatter laser, althogh it is worth upgrading the TL shuricats to a shuricannon

    There, as I say, rather a lot but it is meant constructively
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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