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Thread: 1850pts Of Nids

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    Hello...newbie here.
    been playing bugs off and on (time allowing that is). Trying a new list here (along with a completely new look for my nids), but something doesn't feel right about it. :unsure:

    let me know what y'all think:

    *Mutable Hive Tyrant - WS-6, BS-4, S-6, T-6, In-5, 2+save, venom canon
    talons, 3 attacks
    *Mutalble Hive Tyrant - WS-6,BS-3,S-6,T-6, In-4, 2+save, Talonsx2 + guard
    *Warriors (3) - WS-5, BS-3, S-5, T-4, In-5, 4+save, 2 deathspitters-1V.C, 1
    rendering claw, 2 talons
    *Warriors(3) - same as above except all three have talons.
    *Carnies (2) - WS-4, BS-3, S-10, T-6, 2+save, one has talons and barbed strang,
    other one has talonsx2
    *Zoans (2) - both with warp blast
    *Hormies {(4 units of 16)} - 1 hive node in each unit
    *genestealers - 2 units of 8

    that puts me at 3pts under and 94 bugs. Hmm...can i do one of the tyrants with a guard since i have 2 of em?? :unsure: {grabs codex}

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    Hmmm, I say you take out a Hive Tyrant and get more Genestealers. Bugs have to go with numbers. But again, I don't know a lot about bugs.
    On a side note: Welcome to Librarium Online! Hope you have a good time.

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