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    HQ - Inquisitor Lord Tavostrus. Equipment: Bolter/Plasma Gun, Artificer Armour, Auspex, Targeter (72 Points)
    - Retinue: 3 Sages, 1 Mystic, 2 Veteran Guardsmen w/ Plasma Guns, Gun-Servitor w/ Plasma Cannon, 1 Acolyte w/ Artificer Armour, 1 Acolyte w/ Plasma Pistol (167 Points)
    - Total Points: 239

    Troops - Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, 10, 2 w/ Flamers, 110 Points
    - Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, 10, 2 w/ Grenade Launchers, 120 Points
    - Grey Knights, 6, 1 is a Justicar, 175 Points
    - Grey Knights, 5, 1 is a Justicar, 150 Points
    - Total Points: 555
    Either of those Grey Knight squads, especially the one with 6 Grey Knights, could become Fast Attack as the need arises.

    Elites - Inquisitor Gostrym. Equipment: Daemonhammer, Terminator Armour, Close Combat Weapon, Sacred Incense, Grimoire of True Names (96 Points)
    - Retinue: 2 Veteran Guardsman w/ Hellpistols and Close Combat Weapons, Familiar, Acolyte w/ Storm Shield, Acolyte (no wargear), Heirophant (59 Points)
    - Mounted in Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers (53 Points)
    - Total Points: 208

    Overall total 1002 points

    I play against Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Kroot, and now Slaanesh and once in a while Space Marines. I have not won a game yet, although I should also note that I have never played with this list specifically.

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    You get no more benefit from 3 sages than you do from 2, so drop one. Drop targeter on the Lord, all warrior henchmen have them free. If you take Terminator armor on the Lord instead of Artificer, you get an invulnerable save as well. And since this unit isn't a CC unit and doesn't ride a transport, you don't have any trade-offs.

    Flamers and GL's are the worst choices for IST weapons, unless you only fight Nids and IG. I'd give plasma or meltaguns to the squad with flamers. Something not everyone realizes about FAGK: you can deploy them as Troops if you like, instead of Deepstriking them. So put both GK units into the FA category, and then you have the freedom to deploy them or deepstrike them as you like. Meltabombs on the Justicars are handy if you have the points.

    Cannot take a CCW with Terminator armor, nor a Bolt pistol. You'll have to invest in a power weapon for the extra attack, or swap the Terminator armor for artificer armor and a refractor field/icon of the just. Also, since you'll be fighting a lot of non-chaos armies, his wargear isn't that useful. Read below for ideas. This guy's retinue is kinda bad. Vet Guardsmen with only pistol & ccw are next to useless. The familiar and heirophant are good.

    Your enemy list is varied enough that you can't really dedicate yourself to one kind of foe. But at 1000pts, you should be fine with the HQ as shooty/anti armor (no LR's in 1000, thank god), the two IST as backup shooty, and the GK as combat.

    I'd suggest dropping the Elite unit entirely, or keeping JUST the Inquisitor and dropping his retinue and ride. Since only 1 out of 6 army types you listed is chaos, I'd completely switch his gear around. Thunderhammer, arty armor, refractor field, bolt pistol. Sacred Incense if you're in a tourney setup and will have to fight them all with the same list. But in 1000pts you won't be facing many DP's or GD's, so leave the D-hammer and Grimoire at home. If you keep him, put him into one of the GK units. If you drop him (my suggestion), use the points to make both GK units 7-8 strong. Maybe 1 psycannon per unit as well.

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