Hey all,
New to the boards, thought I might share my army list to get your opinon on it and suggestions on how to fine tune it. (My major opponents are Tryanids, Biel Tan, Dark Eldar, and Space Wolves.)

Warboss (Iron Gob, Eavy Armor, Slugga, Choopa, Lucky Tattoos, Bionic Bounce)
*My Boss is more just da simple beatem up guy. With da Bounce and Da Lucky Tattoos he’ll able to take a 3+ or 5+ inv.

“Smashem Brothers�
Ard Boyz x 15 (Burna x 3)
*This is in essence da Boss’s crew. With the 3 burnas for quick burn template or some PW attacks for high armor enemies

“Luckies Roughnecks�
Gretchin Mob x 28
Slave w/ Grot Hound

“Insane Grot Possie�
Gretchin Mob x 28
Slave w/ Grot Hound
*These little guys are simple meat shields to stop charges on my Sluggas. That an a couple pot shots here an there as Grot Stubas are Assualt weapons so I can get away with shooting and then charging as well when ever possible. The Hound allows a Ld reroll (as there is nothing more wrong then 20 some models just disappearing.) I use to have a grabba stikk on slaver but whats the point with the new 2 inch full attacks rule in 4th edition.

“Slicez an Dize�
Slugga Boyz x 17
Burna x 3
Mek Boy w/ Force Field & 3 Grot
*Nothing wrong with random Slugga Squad and with a Force Field they are always in cover with a 5+

Shoota Squad
Rocket Launcher x 3
*These guys are a fire support.squad. They sit on the deployment line (Usaully near the Leman Russ) and shoot at anything that gets near my big guns. They also serve as my rally point should I need to make a Mob up Check

“Meat Wagon Team�
Slugga Boyz x 16
Burna x 3
Mek Boy w/ Force Field & 3 Grot
*These guys are going into the Battlewagon for the quick charge. There purpose is more to take out enemy guns behind the lines

“Looted Sentinels�
Killa Kans x 3
*Hard hitters, Dreadnought/Vehicle seekers

“Meat Wagon�
(Zzap Gun & 2 TL Rokkit Launchers)
Red Paint Job, Armor Plates, Grot Rigger
*The mighty coach of the Meat Wagon Team. The vehicle itself is also some what driven towards Vehicles seeking but has a flare for killing Havoc/DV squads too.

“E’avy Steel Gun�
Looted Leman Russ
Heavy Bolter, Armor Plates
*It’s a looted vehicle in an ork army….of course it’s a Leman Russ

1500 points
Models: 132 (75 Orcs)
Vehicles: 5

HQ – 7%
Elite – 14%
Troops – 49%
FA – 0%
HS – 30%

**In the end I had created a Death Skulls army before the WD came out with the rules. Seeing as I was never a fan of Loota Squads but still wanted to stay with the fluff I made my killa kans out of Sentinels (as the AP of the two are the same), The Battlewagon is made out of a Word Bearers Land Raider torn to bits, I have the Leman Russ, and through out all my army, I have orks who have bits from every army out there imaginable. I have burnas that are using flamers off of Space Marine vehicles, One of my Force Field Generators on my Mek boy is a Tau Shield Drone Jerry-rigged, Even my Ard Boys have SM/CSM Marine shoulder pads and such to rep armor peices. And if all that is not enough for fluff, every time I beat an opponent I got through my bits and paint a bit to match the color scheme of there army to show that something was taken from them as well. Yes, yes ,yes, I am a fluff freak.