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    I am having trouble building my army here and I come to you guys to please give me a hand.

    I going to play in an RTT so I need to build a 1850 pt army. here are the minis I have to use with special weapons included. OH and it is a primary Space wolf army with allies of Daemonhunters.

    Daemonhunter minis
    4 grey night termies ( 1 w/ psy cannon)
    3 justicar
    17 gk marines
    2 incinerator marines
    2 psycanon marines

    Space wolves
    Venerable dread w/ CCW and assault cannon
    10 blood claws
    10 grey hunters
    1 leman russ exterminator
    rune priest
    wolf priest
    4 wolfguard termies
    1 w/ cylcon missle launcher
    1 w/ assault cannon and chain fist
    1 w/ assault cannon and power fist
    1 w/ just power fist
    3 bloodclaw bikes 1 w/ powerfist, 1w/ power weapon
    1 bllod claw attack bike w/ heavy bolter in the side car
    3 long fangs ( 1 leader, 1 w/ lascannon, 1 w/ heavy bolter)
    2 rhinos
    1 landraider crusader
    1 landraider (not assembled yet but could be fast)

    That is all I have to use. So if you can help please do. thanks

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    1) Post the army name in the title, for gods sake. If you don't, most people will skip this topic...
    2) ...which they should, because it's also in the wrong forum. Only post actual lists here.

    We can't make a list for you, as we don't know anything about your playing style. And no, telling us how you play won't change that. How about you make a list, post it here, and say "This is my idea for the RTT, what do you guys think I should change? By the way, I have the following extra models to choose from that aren't in the main list..."

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