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    Hello, trying to tweek out last possible changes on army list, help wanted and appreciated....


    Hereticus Inquisitor Lord w/ eviscerator, digital weapons, bolt pistol and rosarius
    2 Crusaders
    1 Combat Servitor
    Acolyte w/ carapace armour and mancatcher
    Acolyte w/ carapace armour and power weapon
    Acolyte w/ carapace armour
    2 Chirurgeons
    3 familiar
    Chimera w/ 2 heavy bolters


    Malleus Inquisitor w/ psycanon and auspex
    Gun Servitor w/ plasma cannon
    2 Gun Servitors w/ heavy bolter
    2 Sages

    (4) Arco-flagellants

    Vindicare Assassin


    ( Adeptus Arbites w/ 2 grenade launchers
    ( Adeptus Arbites w/ 2 grenade launchers



    Total of 1000 pts.

    Although I of course am looking for a compatitive list I'm also looking for the fluff.

    All models with be Arbites with the exception of familiars which will be ciber mastif, Arco-Flagellants will be riot team, Assassin a sniper and am thinking of using a repressor instead of the chimera.

    What do you thing, both fluff and competitevness wise?

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    Wow, I like this a lot. I&#39;m usually dead set against combining the two =I= armies, but that&#39;s because SoB & GK is a little cheesy (imo). But you combined the units that no one else has thought to combine&#33; Good job&#33;

    Couple of changes (never can please me completely )

    For the HQ, if this is your primary CC unit, take a second Combat Servitor. Familiars, I assume, work the same for WH as they do DH, in which case all three are completely useless to you (Eviscerator goes last, so an Initiative bonus is wasted, and no psyker powers to use with them). Drop them all, pick up that combat servitor. Another power weapon on the acolytes would be nice, but I know you&#39;re low on points here. I&#39;d also swap the HB turret on the Chimera for a multilaser - S6 is better, and under the new 4th rules, it still counts as an anti-infantry weapon and can fire while moving&#33;

    Elite Inquisitor unit is golden, I use the same build myself. If possible, put these guys in a building or forest - concentrated firepower is their biggest flaw, because of majority armor saves.

    Arco-flagellants - are four of these guys going to be able to make it across the table? Death Cult Assassins might work better here, as they can each move independantly, although I don&#39;t know how you&#39;d "arbitise" them.

    Same with the IST - plasma or melta would be very nice on one of the units, but I&#39;m not sure how you&#39;d fit that in fluffwise.

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