Hi Guys, been a while since i was on these forums, due to a change in personal circumstances (my return to uni) ive had to sell my entire IG army to raise tutition fees. My armies have been sold and now im looking for sell the last few items i have dug up.

What i have to sell... (all items listed are as they arrived, intact on sprues, unpainted, unglued)

1x Leman Russ Battle Tank - RRP: £24.95 My Price: £20

10x Cadians - RRP: £11.75 My Price: £10
(Will include used sprues that contain spare flamers, grenade launchers, grenades, vox's, heads.)

1x Heavy Weapons Teams - RRP: £9.50 My Price: £6

1x Heavy Weapons Teams - RRP: £9.50 My Price: £6
(Will include spare HWT spure that has had Heavy Bolter Team parts removed)


Everything Listed Above: £40

1x 5th Edition Rulebook - RRP: £30 My Price: £20 - Imaculate condition, barley seen any use

Postage costs to be covered by buyer, cheap postage available in the UK, postage costs for abroad are between £2-10 depending on distance from the UK. (Royal Mail Air Mail prices)

All pieces come with the required standard bases and fully intact transfer sheets. original boxes are gone but i will provide suitable boxes for posting (likely to be other Games Workshop item boxes that i have lying about)

Please PM me if your interested or would like to make an alternative offer to the prices ive listed although i think ive been fair.

Thanks Mercian