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    Army Reccomendations?

    I am looking on getting back into 40k, but am undecided about which army I should play. I have the leftovers of a cast aside dark eldar force (from when I was learning to play, interesting, but they are in dire need of an overhaul), as well as a large necron force gathering dust (also somewhat interesting, but not looking to invest what I'd need to make it a competitive force for the interest level I have in it, they also really need more troop options, *yawn*)

    What am I looking for? Well, I want a versatile army, something that I can switch up a bit and play using different play styles, and something that offers options, not just auto-includes. I don't want to get bored after the first few months of playing this army. I also want something that has historically been at least in the top half of competitiveness as far as armies go. Below are my first impressions of each army, if you have any advice or anything that might make me change my mind about the armies, any help would be appreciated.

    Daemonhunters (Too few units, would rather just play vanilla SM)
    SM (Always had a thing for SM, but too vanilla perhaps?)
    Eldar (Lots of versatility, mostly decent looking, can be quite powerful, seem to take a little finesse to get the most out of them)
    Chaos SM (Also versatile, not too interested in the look of most of their stuff, and they need to fix the number of units in their boxes, I mean, come on... although, they do seem fairly interesting playing-wise)
    IG (Love em, would hate to paint em, unsure of the new codex, and damn well don't want to be moving a billion guys around. Would have to go mechanized if I ever played them, but not sure my wallet would agree)
    Chaos Daemons (Mixed, somewhat interesting, seem powerful, but something about them just isn't right - like they seem like they belong in fantasy?)
    Dark Eldar (As above, interesting, but left behind, seem kind of one dimensional in some ways)
    Necron (Fun, Phase out blows - constrained to taking too many of a single troop choice, too many only marginally useful units for their price)
    Witch Hunters (Uninspiring for me, seem weak)
    Tau (Tauriffic? I think not, while I like the idea of a maneuverable shooty army, why BS3? Interesting, but seem a bit too one dimensional, eldar seem to have maneuverable and shooty with so much more)
    Tyranids (Awesome looking, bought a box set recently, although, I am having some gameplay reservations about them)
    Orks (Who doesn't love orks, at least in concept, not sure I could paint that many models, and the horde armies kind of turn me off)

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    Dude go with space marines. Theyre fun to paint and it takes little skill to paint them good IMO. They also are VERY versatile depending with what chapter you go with. The Ultramarines are well balanced and can still take cool equipment. Blood Angels is more CC based and i think Dark Angels is shooty. Its also very fun to play with them but the first thing i noticed when playing with them is that if your playing against a diffrent army, you tend to have less models but thats because 1 space marine equals like 3 guardsmen or something like that. So dont let that discourage you. And you can get Assault On Black Reach which is a super good deal considering how much your paying for all those models and will be easy on your wallet. Add another tactical squad to make your army legal btw.

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