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    My armies pretty small at da moment so just post what you think would go well with it and what or if i should take anything out

    Force Commander- 118pts (1 model)
    -Terminator honors
    -Power Axe
    -Frag & Krak Nades
    -Combi-Weapon (melta)

    Terminatir Squad- 220pts (5 models)
    -1 w/ heavy melta

    Tactical Sqd 1- 180pts (10 models)
    -1 with missle launcher
    -1 with melta
    -all w/ frag nades

    Tactical Sqd 2- 126pts (7 models)
    -1 with lascannon
    -1 with plasma gun
    Scout Sqd- 101pts (7 figs)
    -2 with sniper rifles

    Fast Attack
    Assult Sqd- 135pts (5 models)
    -2 with plasma pistols
    Bike Sqd- 105pts (3 figs)

    TOTAL 975pts

    so just post and tell me what ya think i should get/change thanks a bunch

    EDIT: I MEAN heavy flamer with the terminators

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    Not all that bad. Lets see...

    HQ: Not bad. Personly I would take out the Krak Nades, but they are cheap, so I wouldnt worry about it. The termi honers are ok here, but usualy I would drop them (an extra force commander attack isnt bad).

    Elites: I would try to add another heavy flamer on the termies if you can.

    Troops: Nice well Balenced squads. Drop the nades unless you have a good plan to assault enemies in cover. If you want to do that, get a rhino for the squad.
    BTW, what do the 5 scouts have? Because the sniper rifles are heavy, I wouldnt take them with CCW/BP scouts.

    Fast:All looks good here.

    Just my 2 cents.

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