I am looking at starting a new army in the new year, and i want a competitive 1500/1750 torney army build....
I have been looking at two armies mainly atm, Space Marine (TH termie spam....) and Orks.... but am also kinda waiting for the new Nid codex (main reason for waiting for next year....) and also really like Dark Eldar (but havn't even read the codex....)
So what i really need help with is deciding what to do....
Space Marine TH/SS terminators in Land Raiders is fun...i'm borrowing a friends army to use in a torney this weekend with them, i'm not sure he has the best possibley variant of the list, but it should help me in deciding Marines or not (the big problem with marines, is i already play Space Wolves, and before played Chaos.... and the only reason i have got rid of my chaos, is because i got board painting soo many power armou models so marines may not be the best, although TH terminators, would not require that many models, espcially if i was just getting the stuff for the list...)

Orks look fun, but then its deciding what to do with them... Ork horde? Ghazghull? Battlewagons? Nobz in trukks? Nob Bikers?
there are lots of varietys, the main problem would be chosing which one works best.....
(oh also about half the club have orks, or have started orks....)

Nids atm, are ok, good in some situations, but not that good.... Trygons are cool thats why i am thinking about them

Dark Eldar are probably the worst choice, as to do well with them, you seem to need real luck, with getting into combat with the uber unit/s and my luck is poor

So what would other people suggest?